Friday, 31 October 2014

Chico does Wargaming Scenery for £4: Part 2

This is the second part of fecking around and making a mess with paint/sand/glue/random shit and you can see Part 1 HERE (Go read it now I'll wait).

I will state this now, for anyone who likes stunning looking scenery this post isn't for you, this is dirty and cheap which is made to bash around no skill is required though so anyone can have a go if they so choose.

3 bits out of 10 have been finished, bloody hell is it hard work.. Even to the rough basic standard it takes time and so much effort (Just as well my Wife has bought me some Mantic Scenery for my Birthday).

So what do you think? Should stand up to some games and not many extra pieces to break when the beer and dice start flying.

First of the Bunkers stock/warehouses, no roof for easy gaming use. I have some plaster creates (From Miniature Heroes) to stock in and around these so break up the open space.

The other buildings are all in various states and as I' not really enjoying these too much may take awhile to finish.

Comments welcome as always.


  1. Looks cool dude. I especially like the warehouse, it's nice and utilitarian with tasty, vibrant undergrowth encroaching! What's behind the lettering on the vats?

    1. It's for Combat Zone where it's all about gangs and corporations in a post apocalypse world. In this case it's a Rus-Co area which is all about control via religion.

  2. I'm looking forward to a shot of all this scenery laid out in a batrep. I'd imagine the blood, brown washes and grass will all mingle into a seriously desperate looking tabletop. Ideal for Combat Zone and will look superb with your models scattered throughout. Great stuff :-)


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