Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Orctober: Foundry Orclings..Thousands of 'Um!

Well Ok maybe not that many, but 4 40mm stands worth, fun little buggers to build and paint. I included a few of there Orcling Outriders and the Limited Edition Orclings around a Forge/Anvil.

Now I've painted these I'm tempted to add a few more stands if I can get hold of some more of the wackier Orcling, like the Space Hopper ones.

Anyway with Orctober coming to a close I'm hoping to get a few more bits added to my total Greenies done this month.

The total so far (Everything shown on Blog);

21 Half Orcs
Hasslefree Goblin Dave
4 Goblins
2 Slave Ogres and 4 Half Orc Slavers + Movement Tray
4 Orclings Stands
1 Goblin Chariot
1 Orc Bolt Thrower

It's made  small dent in my Greenskin Lead Pile but there is still much left Le sigh!

Anyway comments welcome as always


  1. Great post and superb painting. Love the eyes and really like your choice in green for their skin. What on earth has the red serpent thingy bitten off? Is that the rider's leg!?! Lovely models, full of character and your painting of them is top notch.

    1. The red thing is a Orcling Raptor and he's eating a Orcling. There 2 little legs dangling out his mouth lol

    2. Ah.. I thought, what with the rider holding both hands on his head and only being able to see one leg, that the brute had pulled his other leg off!! great little mini :-)

  2. They're great!

    Did you get them at Foundry? I've a real hankering to get loads of them to add to the few I bought when they were doing random bags for a fiver or so to raise money for Goblinaid.

    I did ask about the possibility of Snorklings going on general sale when we were down at BOYL but it didn't seem as if that was on the cards which is a bit of a shame!

    Must get round to doing something with the free Snorkling I got back then - not to mention Boyldric too...

    1. Yeah I grabbed 4 packs, a LE one out the tubs and a few random freebies. Most are scattered throughout my Greenie Units to help add something funny to each unit. Still want more lol


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