Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rogue Trader 15mm: Cult of the Children 'Stealer Cult Limo & Brood Brothers

Last night I unpacked my stalled 15mm Rogue Trader project which you can view some of the posts via the links below:

Now once I unpacked them I couldn't just leave them alone, Oh No! As I have large amount of 15mm stashed away I decided I better get some more done and it'll be a nice change from my other projects.

Cult of the Children
Now I love a 'Stealer Cult having them both in 6mm and 28mm, so it was only fitting I hadd them in 15mm too right? Well thats my excuse and I'm sticking too it.

Cult of the Children and The Torg face off
Now I just got to fit someone which fancys making me some 15mm Scenery for some cold hard cash.


  1. Very nice too! I've never been able to get my head around different scales. Inquisitor at 54mm was briefly attractive, but small stuff just seems too tiny ;)

    Nice looking mini-cult though :)

    1. 15mm is great fun and cheap (Except the scenery) and 6mm isn't as cheap but good fun too (Except the scenery which is dirty cheap) heh go figure.

  2. Big fan of "The ion Age" 15mm stuff as I'm using their Retained Knights as old Rogue Trader space marines. Those are some great looking minis you have there, especially like the cult as they look ready for a bit of Omega action with Chuck Heston :-) The larger of the two grey vehicles wouldn't happen to be one of the old Corgi UFO metal tanks with the flip up plastic missile launcher would it?

  3. Na the larger one is a Matchbox Heroic Frost Fighter. I haven't spent more then a £1 each on my vehicles not counting the conversion pieces. I have a few of the female Knights including the give away one, very nice indeed.


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