Thursday, 30 October 2014

Combat Zone: Rus-Co Troopers/Henchmen

Yes I know more Combat Zone (Expect a fair few more posts in the weeks to come) and even more Mark Copplestone Ex-Grenadier figures.

But this time I have some Corporation Troops to give the Gangers a good banging (See what I did there?).

Rus-co Troopers/Henchmen:

I happen to love these, the Gasmasks add so much to the figures plus it makes them the perfect faceless Grunts/Henchmen/Cannon Fodder.

Below is the next few Units/Heros to get ready for a large game next Wedneday. A Rus-Co Elite unit, Rus-Co Hero & a Scav Hero.

Last night I ran a demo taking 10 Bikers Vs 10 Scavs, The Scavs made a real mess of the Bikers but the Bikers Combat/Auto Shotguns started to even the score but it wasn't enough as both Biker Leaders were taken out rather early on.

The set up for the Demo.


  1. Blimey you got them done quick! Lovely stuff. The red really works with them grunts :-) Demo set up looks good too.

    1. 3 hours start too finish for all 5, so aye quite quick indeed.

  2. Lovely glowing red Chico. Nice work!


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