Monday, 6 October 2014

The Next Project.. Well Maybe..

So we all know that I like to project jump to keep things fresh and too stop the whole getting frustrated with the whole''Hurry up Postman and bring me my Toys!'' that can and does happen.

So a future project that's been in the works since just before BOYL14 is my Rogue Trader Adhuman Warband!

The full Adhuman Warband so far.
OC's Space Cow
10 Ex-Metal Magic Phagon, now for sale at EM4 Miniatures
The only Citadel figure so far, a Imperial Beastmen
I'd like to add the 2 missing Imperial Beastmen to ranks and find a suitable Boss, any ideas?

Of course they are fighting on a crowed Painting Desk for attention so it maybe awhile before they see paint.

What can you spot lurking?


  1. I've had my Phagons based & base coated for a couple of years now, should hurry my arse up and get them done hey!

    Your warband/contingent force of Abhumans should look pretty sweet when their done.


    1. Heh I need to get my finger out on these as they keep getting pushed back on the paint list as new shiny toys keep arriving from ebay lol


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