Monday, 20 October 2014

Judge Chico: Painting Judge Dredd Part 6 - Judge Quincy, Hershey, Anderson & SJS Judge Cash

Wow a post 2 days in a row, looks like it's back to normal on OoaB Blogging wise. Anyway yesterday was a nice relaxing evening of painting and listening to Horrorcore Music.

Relaxing eh?

Anyway I managed to get 4 Citadel Judge's painted including one in his undercrackers (Underwear for you non-British types).

SJS Judge Cash & Judge Quincy
Judge Hershey & Psi-Judge Anderson
Quite happy with SJS Judge and Judge Quincy came out, but not so much with the female Judges. I already have a Anderson painted which I feel came out much better.

I think next JD wise I shall paint a few more SJS Judges and 2 of my favourite Perps, Of course there's still far too many left to collect let alone paint.

So what ya think?


  1. I think you're being very harsh on yourself over the female judges as I think they look splendid. In fact the entire batch are stonkingly good. Quincy is though admittedly my fave as well but the Anderson model is a close second. I can't believe you've painted these in an evening (horrorcore music or not) as the Mongoose JD sculpts have taken me an eternity to complete. Love the bases as well!! Great posting.

    1. I'm a fast painter, but that's because I use the''Chico Dirty Wash'' method. Black undercoat then grey edge all black/shaded areas, block the base colours on then Black Wash (Nuln Oil) everything. Then reblock and highlight. Reds and skin gets highlighted up a few times while most other colours just get a reblock and one highlight. Simple and very fast if I don't get distracted/bored I can do around 10 figures a day without much effort.


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