Saturday, 25 October 2014

Combat Zone: The Six Six Sixers

So this coming Wednesday at my local games club (Watford Wargaming Federation) I'm running a Combat Zone Demo to drum up some interest in the 20 year old game (First written in '94).

As such I need to get some Gangs an Troopers painted (Troopers have only just been ordered from Forlorn Hope).

Anyway heres some more Bikers done, The Six Six Sixers:

Rather happy how these came out, I always had problems painting humans but I seem to have gotten past that now and even enjoy painting humans now. I think this is mostly dew to the large range of paints I now have which both allow me to stay in my comfort zone and dip  into other palettes if I so choose.

And yes Hell Ride is a great movie hehehe, go watch it if you like the 3B's: Bikers, Boobs and Booze.

The full painted Biker Gang so far
Just 2 more Bikers left to paint and the gang is done and ready to kick some ass.


  1. There's some serious muscle on show there. What a serious no nonsense group of bikers :-) Great painting and love the red. The purple haired wench bikini babe looks great too. Tons of character to these minis - all helped by a top paint job. Any pics of the club game planned?

    1. Many thanks aye I plan to snap a few pictures of the Club Game(s) for everyone to enjoy.

  2. Great output over the last few weeks. Good looking bunch of bikers. I am quite drawn to the purple haired lass as well.

    1. Hey your all just a bunch of ol' pervs ;) Where do I sign up lol


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