Saturday, 11 October 2014

Orctober: Half-Orc Khornate Cult Part 2

Wooo I have finished my pledge for Orctober, a unit of 20 Scabbies or Half-Orcs. You can view Part 1 HERE if you haven't already so check that out then come back and enjoy.

Half Orc unit complete.

A full unit of Scabbies if using Warhammer Armies entry in the O&G list, but I'm already bending that list by leaving out Orcs (Well there might be a couple but no units) so I'm going to bend it further and ad to this unit as I've already got another dozen of so in the stripper waiting for love.

3rd Rank
4th Rank
I've also finished some other Greenskins for my Outcast Greenskin project just to help break up the painting of a large unit (Also painting up some DMH, but more of that in another post).

Dave from Hasslefree plus a Foundry Orcling
Goblin Battle Chariot by RPE

So I hope you like them, now I just got to make my ind up what to paint next... Slave Ogres? More Goblins? Hobgoblins? Warmachines? Or maybe project jump and give Judge Dredd/Rogue Trooper some love? Ug then of course there's the Abhumans


  1. Nice work. My vote is for Hobgoblins.

  2. Love the idea of Orctober... but I'm already committed to Zomtober :-) Really like your postings of these Greenskins - although they're making me feel a little old. My vote is for Judge Dredd!! If interested I've just posted a Rocket Raccoon/Groot vs Mega City Judges batrep on my blog? Whichever subject you choose I'll be following along from now on. Great stuff once again :-)

    1. Hehe how are they making you feel odd? They coming on to you? ;) I'll check out the Blog and battle rep. I postedd up my Judge Dredd collection a few posts ago which may interest you.


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