Sunday, 26 October 2014

Combat Zone: Battle Report - Monster Hunt

Last night while enjoying a bottle of Hobgoblin (It may have been closer to 4) I had the chance to play a game of Combat Zone to a good friend of mine. Now It seemed like a good idea at the time but as my Scenery is still under construction and a Battleboard yet to be made we made the best of what we had,

So we just used the scenery which comes with Combat Zone, as it turned out it was more then enough for such a small game.

Brak the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Six Six Sixers hated Zone 17, there was always something quite off putting about the old style brick ruins and that sense of someone or something watching them.

The Sides:

The Six Six Sixers:

4 Average Gangers + 1 Veteran Gang Leader: 3 Machine Pistols, Flame Weapon, Autoshotgun

The Monster:

Hero: Recoiless Rifle

Gargath smells prey, Gargath will hunt! Gargath will eat well!

The Bikers set up in the ruined house on the  left making sure everyone was within 15cm of the Sgt-at-Arms (Gang Leader)

Pyro the Gangs flame happy member takes the lead with his finger twitching eager for something.. anything to happen to ease his boredom at once again being on patrol.

Gargath aims his Speargun (Recoilless Rifle) hoping the prey will come closer

Gargath wins the initiative and with his mighty 8 Action Points (Hero level) takes aim with a aimed shot at a Biker taking him down. With his remaining AP's he takes cover and ducks down making it harder for the return fire to hit.

The Bikers split up becoming disorganised but gaining a chance to get a few better shots. Pryo opens the Flame Weapon at lose range but Gargath used one of his many re-rolls (Heros get 5 re-rolls per game, while Gang/Squad Leaders get 1) and forces the shot to miss.

Everyone else opens up but dew to some bad dice rolling and the fact of the ducking behind of hard cover the shots go wide.

Dew to the Bikers being disorganised Gargath wins the Initiative once again and thanks to a second re-roll nails Pryo between the eyes.

Oi fecking take him out with ya blades lads!

Taking the hint both Charlie Blow and Tank charge hoping the charge bonus and numbers will help them win the day... Um it didn't

Gargath once again wins the Initiative and shoots at Brak. hitting but not wounding even with his final re-roll. Brak fails his Reaction test and Routs falling back 20cm.

Gargath feeds well, Gargath is Boss of Zone 17!

So there we have it, the Six Six Sixers ended up as dinner it seems, so bad dice rolling and the re-rolls had alot to play in the outcome.


  1. "Gargath is boss of zone 17!"
    love the scalies skin tone. not looked at that system yet, sooo many systems!
    but its up there with pulp (?something or other?) on my to check out list =)
    looks fun.

    1. Great system that can be run at any size game, looking forward to large games with more Units/Gangs then the rules really come into there own with alternative gangs/units taking there go starting with the winner of the Initiative.

  2. Cool stuff, Chico! Really enjoyable report :)

  3. Now that is a monster with a capital 'M' :-) Great stuff and top Batrep. I actually thought the brute was going only going to last a few minutes against those gangers but clearly not!! Thanks for posting this.

    1. Aye it seems Heros in Combat Zone with there increased to hit and Re-rolls can munch though Gangs/Units of Average Level.

  4. Poor Six Sixers, I really like the Gargath model.

    1. Yeah Poor Bikers can you guess what I was using :( heh And Gargath was indeed fun to paint.

  5. Nice report they all look great. You should try Across the Dead Earth its a great fast paced ruleset.


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