Friday, 24 October 2014

Chico does Wargaming Scenery for £4

So I fancied some cheap bash around and not care too much Sci-Fi/Post Apoc skirmish scenery. So just how cheap could I go? Well if you have read the title your'll know..Yup a whole £4 and few bits already around the house.

The key is getting a large sheet of foamboard (I got my A2 sheet for £4 from Hobbycraft, everything else I already had but I'll list what I used;

Textured Paint (Had loads from when I did my board awhile back, now lost but will be redone)
Small Nails (To pin the pieces together while the PVA drys)
PVA Glue
Cutting Board
Stanly Knife
2 Pudding Cups

Half of my pieces drying after being Textured painted.
As you can see from the picture that you can get alot for a little price, that's only half of what I made. Yes they aren't to great but once sprayed and painted will do the job rather nicely and remember just for £4 (£4 wouldn't get you a nice 6mm piece let alone a 28mm one).

Also just to note Miniature Heroes do a range of rather cheap Hard Plaster scenic bits (7 for £1), such as barrels and crates which I have some laying around which may get added later on.

Oh best of all.. I got the wife to help..muhahaha free labour.


  1. Looks great. Instead of textured paint, I've mixed joint compound (aka spackle, or as I think you'd call it, polyfill?) mixed with some white glue and craft paint. Makes an easy, cheap and durable surface coating that's great for destroyed urban buildings.

    1. If I make anymore I might use something other then Texture paint as its messy and takes along as time to dry.

  2. Looking forward to seeing these painted up. Have you convinced your excellent good lady to do the painting as well?

    1. Won't be painted for awhile, lots on the list before hand. Hopefully some will get done in a week or 2.


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