Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dead Man's Hand: Desperados - The Hellfire Gang

Wow ain't you feckers lucky.. 2 posts in 2 days!But don't get your hopes up for it being back to normal on OoaB as it'll be awhile yet before I get home Internet.

Anyway the first painting project I started and finished in my new home was a 9 man 21 Rep Desperado Gang.So I thought I'd show them off, rather happy with them.

Desperados are a mix of desperate men from many different backgrounds including Deserters, Bandits, Outlaws & Confederates (Both Bushwackers and Ex-Service) who thinks the war never ended.

Figures used are a mix of mainly Dixon (My favourite Old West range) with a few other companies thrown in for a more ragtag feel.

Total painting time was 8 hours spread over a few days, for the little time spent and how they turned out I'm rather happy.


  1. They look quite good, ever played a game of Boot Hill? These would fit right in.

    1. Not played Boot Hill, other then DMH and Rules with no Name I haven't played other Old West rueset :(


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