Thursday, 23 October 2014

Combat Zone: Scavenger & Biker Gang

Another change of pace and another project progresses alittle further. Some of these have been shown before but they have had a few bits repainted and tidy up to fit with the newer painted ones.

Gang Leader & 2 Veterens
 The Scavengers are a mix of EM4 (Ex-Grenadier) and Copplestone Castings, as they are both sculpted by the same person (Mark Copplestone) they blend perfectly.

4 Gangers
Final 3 Gangers
I also started work painting or in the case of these 3 repainting my Biker Gang: The Six Six Sixers.

Gang Leader in the middle with bloody chain
Hoping in the next few days to get the final 7 Bikers finished, then do a small CZ battle report.


  1. I love the EM4 minis, keep meaning to get some but think the missus would kill me if the lead mountain gets any bigger!!

    Nice work, as always chief!!

    1. Na do it! My mountain is massive yet I still want more hehe

  2. They look great. I really need to get some of these figures I have the Copplestone ones and keep meaning to pick up the EM4 ones.

  3. Great stuff - especially like the bikers. Looking forward to a CZ batrep with them in action.

    1. Yeah I love the Bikers (And the Savages already pictured before on here) they are great fun to paint.

  4. Right, they all look great, nice results!


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