Saturday, 10 January 2015

Blood Bowl, Books, Trading and Charity Shops

So there I was acting all innocent and  scrolling though the the lawless depths of the OTC (Oldhammer Trading Company).

Then all of of a sudden I'm jumped upon by a visous gang of sellers & traders all forcing me to buy there shinys and first borns.

I tried to fight them off.. I really did, I almost made it too..

Until this,

Blood Bowl + Death Zone & Extras

I just part sold & part traded off my Undead army so I had some spending money so I couldn't say no really, £40 well spent :)


Not Blood Bowl but I now also have this bad boy coming as it was in the part trade for my Undead:

Now I just need a copy of SoD and a softback Warhammer Armies (I have the hardback but I want the softback too as there are changes between the 2).

I also picked this up at my local Oxfam shop for 50p:

Yep a softback Warhammer Seige, yes those are my Oxbloods also in the picture hehe. So A good few weeks Oldhammer wise :)

Oh and yes I know this is just a gloating/show off  post... But YAY look at my new toys! hehe


  1. Score. Wish I could find Warhammer stuff in the local second hand shops here in the States! Just the occasional D&D stuff.

    1. I tend to find the novels and the odd White Dwarf but never any figures though :(

  2. Top result Chico. Second-hand shops... you can't beat them :-)

    1. Aye I just wish I could find more bits in them and it might keep me off the trade groups and ebay lol

  3. Great find with Warhammer Siege! We're lucky to have loads of charity and second-hand stores in the surrounding area and they're great for the odd WD or Codex/Armies book. Never seen either of the RoC books though!

    1. Yeah if I'd ever find the RoC books I'd go nuts, same if i ever found a box of old lead.


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