Monday, 12 January 2015

Rogue Trader 15mm: Ruined Buildings

The first of my 15mm scenery has been painted, I picked this up in a trade so no idea who made them but they are a tad out of scale as it sized for truescale 15mm (Most of my 15mm size up close to 18mm) but still seems to work quite well.

Rather quick paint scheme which is heavy weathered to fit in with the muddy/swampy/dirty world which this project is set in.

Also thanks to the Captain I also have a bunch of buildings (Including a outside loo!) from The Scene which are rather nice that I need to get cracking.

Also for this Interested I've started a Oldhammer: Dark Future Facebook group for 15mm-20mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc centred around Dark Future.

As always comment welcome.


  1. Hi!

    Fantastic work on the ruins! I'm loving the textured bases too. It really brings the whole piece to life!

    All the best!

    1. Thanks very much mate, its just a simple paintjob for a game on Wednesday.

  2. Good stuff Chico, I'm envious of your loot. Congrats on the 100K as well.


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