Friday, 16 January 2015

Blood Bowl: ''I have never painted before....'' entry

Mr WP of The Leadpile started a thread on the Oldhammer Forum to run a Oldhammer style 100 Club much the same that runs on Lead Adventure Forum.

This theme is ''I have never painted before....''

The rules are simple:

You pick a miniature.
You paint it.
You post it on the 100 thread.
You number the your post and the challenge stops when we reach 100.

Simple and quite entertaining, while I never bothered with the LAF ones even though I'm a regular over there doing it in the Oldhammer environment seems to have hit the nail in my mind.

Anyway my first entry and No. 8 in the Club:

No.8 Blood Bowl Ogre - Team What!?-Fords

Astrogranite basing and a Hex base for that Old School feel. Lots of First for this one, first time painting a BB figure, first time painting a Ogre and first time using Astrogranite Textured paint.

I think my 2nd & 3rd entries will also be Blood Bowl related as it's a source of figures I have never painted before and well I need to get painting for a League I'm starting up at my local Club.

As always comments welcome


  1. Terrific stuff Chico, and a nice load of firsts under your belt to boot. Painting Blood Bowl minis was one of the first things I attempted when I got into the hobby... so this period holds a special place for me and you've done it proud with this fine figure. Top stuff. looking forward to entries 2 & 3 :-)

    1. Thanks fella, I owned a Undead team back in the day which was bought already painted so never got round to painting any BB

  2. Striking strip colour choice Chico. Is he for a human team or will he get some Ogre team mates? Like Blaxkleric, some of my first minis were Blood Bowl (humans). I remember my parents bought me a baffling mix of Squats and chaos centaurs to go with them for one birthday!

    1. He's for my Human Team the What!?-Fords (Since I'm from Watford) the strip is the Watford Colours and was quite fun to paint. I have 4 more Humans painted which I'll put up soon, but I still need to get a couple more 2nd ed ones to replace the plastic 3rds. That's a high value mix now a days, both Squats and Chaos :)


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