Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rogue Trader 15mm: Beastmen, Cultists & a flashy new ride

Following from last Wednesdays 15mm update post (viewed HERE) I've been busy working on alot of more 15mm toys for a game on the 14th using the USEME: Sci-Fi rules set (which can be bought from

A lot of the bits won't be used but it's giving me then urge to finish them regardless.

Beastmen Attack Squad: The Hogs of War

Cultists & Emperor's Children Marine (To add to the other 4) 
Inquisitor's APC
Lots more to come, plus I'm waiting on another order from which includes some more funky bits and pieces, Hoping it'll get to me soon.


  1. Chico, those Hogs of War are first-rate fella. Lovely painting... stop tempting me into 15mm, I've got a load of "Heroclix" and "Crooked Dice" still to paint, damn you!! ;-)

    1. Do it mate, get some 15mm as it's a nice break from 28mm and is great for those working to a budget.


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