Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rogue Trader 15mm: Battle Report - Virus Bombing of Itchy Krak

Virus Bombing of Itchy Krak

Today I had to chance to play a game on 15mm Sci Fi using the USEME rules set and I have to say I was rather impressed even though we made some mistakes with the ELAN ratings. I also got to use all my terrain I had painted which is also nice. 

Inquisitor Thrush sat in his well padded chair as he pondered the latest report of Cult activity at the Outpost of Itchy Krak. The Cult had been almost wiped out once by the Ork invasion and the hiring of The Torg Bounty Hunters, but alas they have sprung up once again this time with the minions of the Dark Gods by their side.

There is only 1 answer... Virus Bomb.

The Virus Bombs were unleashed along with Earth Shifting Warheads to shatter then defences and buildings of Itchy Krak. Nothing could live though such destruction.. right?


Surviving Cult Forces
The Inquistor, Arbites & The Torg Mercs
With bubbling pools of bio-matter and cracked building the Cult emerges from there tunnels and hide outs. It's going to take alot to shift their grasp of this settlement 

With a wild abandon the Hog of War a Slaaneshi Beastmen Warband charge the Arbites with heavy slug guns and powered weapons

The Heavy Torg vehicles keeps up a heavy stream of firepower to little effect, Damn Mercs!

The Cult forces gets pushed back by a slow war of attrition 

Both Forces disengage to repair and assess, the Cult still hold the ruins of Itchy Krak

The game was great fun and I hope to play again against my long suffering playing partner Mr Pat.


  1. Hi!

    Good to see some 15mm scale Rogue Trader themed battle reportage! How do you find the USEME rules? I'm planning on having a bash at using Gruntz for an upcoming battle but need to finish painting up some decent sized warbands first!

    All the best!

    1. It's good as you see we only played a small 400Pts game butthe only real downsides I found is that there's limited weapons,Heavy Vec's are rather hard to kill and no morale at all. Gruntz is on my games to try next for this scale.

    2. We played some USEME at BOYL14 using old asgard Lasreburn models and I have to say I was totally charmed by the straightforward approach of this ruleset. The game was an impromptu but the ligt rules let us quickly build a whole background while playing which was a real pleasant thing. this really made me want to paint my 15mm skaven.

      Nice game it seems Chico, nice to see the cult in action.

    3. Ta, aye it's a simple enough game will be playing it again for sure.

  2. good to see fun being had at Itchy Krak... terrible, yet endearing name...

    1. Virus Bombing your Itchy Krak is fun had by all :), Watchout for Inquistor Thrush though heheh

    2. does he have 2 loyal minions called klahm and Id'deah? likely an assassin and psyker...

    3. And I think those puns go above my head.. :-/

    4. lol ... messing about with chlamydia. not usually advised.

    5. Arhh Chlamydia, that's a girl from Essex right? heh


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