Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dark Future: Sanctioned OP & 20mm Scale Shots

Finished up my first Sanctioned OP including Driver in the wee hours of this morning while feeling rough from the inflamed nerve, to top it off I now have a start of a cold coming on.. so woo is me heh.

Corgi Racers makes a nice V8 Interceptor
I also done a scale shot for those looking at Alternative minis for use in DF, As you can see they all more of less scale well except Ms Whiplash is rather tall and thin.

Apoc Miniatures, DF, Elhiem Cultist, Elhiem Biker, DF, Elhiem Ms Whiplash
Hope that helps... and now I'm going to go to bed and cry softly to myself.... ;)


  1. Ok question time?

    What size bases did you use for vehicals as they look bought, and if so from where??

    What did you use to base the bases, as curious on both look and effect.?

    Who are the alternative figures from and size?

    Otherwise love the look and style.

  2. Hey,

    1: MDF bases bought from Midlam Miniatures.
    2: Blackfire Earth Textured paint then drybrushed Bleachbone.
    3. The figures are listed under the scale picture.

  3. Again, supremely inspirational. Nice work, thanks for sharing!


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