Saturday, 17 January 2015

Blood Bowl: What!?-Fords Part 1

So after finishing my Ogre yesterday for the 100 Club Oldhammer Challenge I decided my newly acquired Human Team needed a lick of paint (Sorry Chaos Team you have to wait).

Now I have 24 Human players a mix of 2nd Ed metals & 3rd Ed plastics and metal Star Players. Not knowing what my team will consist of for the League starting up soon at my local Club I took the random approach and fished out 4 players to get cracking on at random.

Turned out to be a 2nd Ed Chucker (Thrower) and Catcher, plus 2 3rd Ed Mono-pose plastic Linemen.

What!?-Fords Players showing off for a photoshoot.

Have to say I'm very pleased with these, even the plastics seemed to take the paint well. Yellow is smooth and the red is bright. The Astrogranite Textured Paint is a bugger to work with but I like how smooth it comes out.

Yet to paint the player numbers as I havn't a clue which ones I'll use in the starting team as I said above.

Catcher & Chucker


Dipping into the bag of players the next 4 to see paint will be:

Plastic Lino, Blizter & Thrower plus the Mighty Zug Star Player, should be fun :D


  1. Very nice, striking looking team so far. Popular wisdom with humans is to go with all 4 blitzers and at least 1 thrower. I guess you're keen on using the ogre? I'd add in a single catcher then fill up the squad with linemen, reserves and re-rolls :)

  2. My team in my head is:

    4 Blizters
    4 Linos
    3 re-rolls
    10k spare

    But I was also thinking changing it up depending a few play testings to come

  3. I recently acquired that Ogre at my FLGS for 3.50 GBP. At first I thought it was a Blood Bowl one and then I found it under the old catalogues under the Fantasy section. Seeing yours painted up nicely had confirmed to me that this is where it should be :)

    1. Aye i'd try not to worry where figures are in catalogues well not since Citadel moved Dr Who Minis in too the Judge Dredd Collection.Glad you like him though :)

  4. Lovely smooth yellows and I really like the gentle gradation of the red on the shoulder of the monopose linesman.

    The Ogre literally toeing the line painted onto his base is a nice touch. Makes him look like he's eager to get stuck in!

    1. Thanks mate glad you like them, Red and Yellow are 2 of my favourite colours to paint atm.


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