Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SAGA: Viking Hearthguard

Too change up the pace a little from my current painting queue I've decided my SAGA Viking Warband needed some more for a forth coming game.

You can view the finished Warlord and Berserkers that I've already painted here:

3 Black Tree and 1 unknown Standard Bearer
Well I couldn't resist a bit of blood splatter now could I? These are brutal and well trained killing machines after all.

If you look in the background you can see the rest of the Warband waiting for the primer.

And yes I'm still waiting for the rest of my Blacktree order from November, so boys and girls avoid at all costs even when they have their 50% sales on.

On the other hand I'd recommend Midlam Miniatures anyday, I have a fair few of their bits and up next will be a few of their fighters to use as Hearthguard.


  1. Great stuff Chico, especially like the shields. I'm also waiting on a BTD order...

    1. Hopefully your order wasn't too big and you havn't been waiting as long as me :_/


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