Thursday, 3 April 2014

Leibster Award: Part 2

So part 2 then, time to nominate 11 Blogs of note and which hasn't already been nominated. But first of all my 11 questions for them:

1. How long have you been in this wonderful (Read: geeky) hobby?
2. Relating to the hobby what have you daydreamed about most?
3. Out of every game system which gets you most excited?
4. How much do you love me?
5. Favourite White Dwarf number?
6. Are you going to the Oldhammer Weekend?
7. Favourite adult beverage?
8. Have you been to Warhammer World
9. What do you love about Oldhammer/Retro Gming?
10. How much have you sepnt on your hobby in the last 5 years?
11. Why do you read my Blog, Oldhammer on a Budget?

Now my 11 Blogs I wish to nominate, In order of who bribed me the most (Just joking)

1. Blues Marauders
2. Magpie and Old Lead
3. Meandering Shade
4. Hungrey Ghosts Chaos Squats
5. Realm of Chaos 80's
6. Darkblade's Quest
7. 6 Ironspikes
8. Goblin Lee's Miniature Blog
9. Games Orkshop
10. The Otto Von Bismark
11. The Lost and the Damned

Go check them out and give them a follow, also be sure to click my follower gadet to follow my little ol' Blog and to give me a little bit larger ego ;)


  1. Thank you for the nomination.
    I'll get to it when I'm a bit more awake :)

    1. No problem, your blog deserves a few more followers for the good work you put out.

  2. Ooh, I didn't notice that nomination, ta muchly. Now what exactly do I need to do? :)


    1. You have to do the following:

      11 Truths
      11 Questions i gave you
      nominate 11 blogs and give them 11 questions
      Send me bacon

  3. Thank you for my nomination. :)
    I have just updated my blog, so I will have to do the Leibster Award update later on in the week now!

    1. No problem, love seeing your painted toys :)


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