Sunday, 21 December 2014

2014 Round Up: Part 1

Well well well.. Almost another year gone and boy this year has had it's highs and lows.

This year has had some rather rotten lows, being diagnosed with a condition that'll end up making me blind and my brother stealing my inheritance being two of the worst.

But feck that boys and girls there has been many a good thing too so lets list them shall we?

What? wait?

Yes I'm going to show off because for once despite a sitting in a cold flat with no working boiler I've managed alot this year.

The highs in no order:


Yup this year was the bomb, I may have had to risk being stuck in London but boy it was worth it! I've met many a person I would class hands down as a friend. Bought a few toys too boot!

2 Years Married: 

Yup on May 17th this year I had been married for 2 (Some may say long) years. Now some may also say there's nothing special about 2 years but I think it is, remember boys and girls life is too short not to grab ever chance for a beer hehe.

The Evil one, even her boobs stare at you...

My own figure range!:

Arhhh a dream come true, I've already rabbited on about this enough in my other posts in the last few weeks so I won't bore you again, but it still needed mentioning :)

That's it or now as I'm of for a McChico Milkshake (Irish Cream booze, Milk, JD) Itza nice!


  1. "even her boobs stare at you" lol =) and may the coming year bring you both progress, fun and more mad brilliance to your life!


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