Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Outcast Greenskins: More Bastards!

Taking a week out from my massed SAGA whoring (Wait till you see my new Scenery for SAGA, think Stonehenge).

Now as readers of OoaB know I have a long ongoing Outcast/Chaos Greenskin force being painted up. My Force is going to break down into 3 Parts:

Chaos/Outcast Goblins W/ Randoms (Giant, Orc Warmacines, Orclings)
Khornate Half Orc Warband
Corrupted Hobgoblin Warband

Each of these 3 parts will join together for large games but each will have it's own theme and flavour.

Khornate Half-Orc Commander

My Khornate Half-Orcs got alot of loving in Orctober:

Khornate Cult: Part 1
Khornate Cult: Part 2
Slave Ogres

But I still have many more left to finish, but I lacked something suitable to be the commander of such a fleabitten bunch. Lucky for me In a Ebay Job lot turned up the steed and Miniature Heroes had the rider for £2 (Also picked up some broken Hobgoblins at £1 each)

I've also started working on some of the 2nd unit of Half-Orcs, I'd like to have 2 units of 20 and the unit of Slave Ogres done so I can at least claim 1 of the 3 forces complete.

I've also started cleaning/repairing/prepping my Hobgoblins which have grown close to 45 strong in the last few months.

3 Weapon repairs in this batch, I quite like the far right one.
So whatcha think?


  1. So glad you're not doing "A Tale of Several Gamers" Chico, you've painted more 'Oldhammer' with this one posting than I've done in six weeks of the Challenge :-) T'rific red on the Half-Orc Commander's steed btw.

    1. Heh the only reason I stayed out of the To4G is that I project jump too much hehehe and thankies :)

  2. I bought that half-orc guy with the mounted version a long time ago. When I got him I was a little disheartened by his small stature, but you've really made him stand out on the larger mount. Might have to give that a go with mine.

    Cheers Chico :)

    1. Arhhh I've long stopped worrying about scale, slap some paint on him and you're feel happier :)

  3. Love those Khornate jobs - look really funky!


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