Monday, 1 December 2014

Chainsaw Warrior PC Game Review

''Zombies, chainsaws and a ticking clock dominate this remarkably faithful recreation of Games Workshops’ solo board game''

The game plays out very much like patience, but with zombies. You as the role of Chainsaw Warrior, are a retired Cyborg Veteran in 2032, called back into action for one last job. A shadowy being from another dimension has taken over a New York tenement block, and will drag the city screaming into some sort of central casting Hell if not stopped.

You as the player roll the Chainsaw Warrior’s statistics, buy the equipment  and then explore the building by turning cards over. Each room might contain a zombie, a radioactive mutant, a Chaos-worshipping zealot, a trap, a treasure trove of supplies, or nothing at all. The big bad lurks in the second deck, ensuring that the player does not turn him over on the second card-flip,, and will only meet him wounded, irradiated, envenomed, and low on ammo and time.

Auroch (The games maker) has given in to modernity by including easy and medium difficulty levels, which reduce the level of randomness in the character creation process, leading to a tougher, faster, more lethal and better-equipped warrior.

Hard mode on the other hand is well... a bitch!

Chainsaw Warrior feels like a period piece which has just been transferred to a new format, but it does feel largely unchanged. However, its core loop (tap on room card to turn it over, fight monster or try to avoid trap, tap on the next room card and so on) can get a bit mind numbing. However, it is at heart a game about killing zombies with (or without) a chainsaw.


  1. I just got hold of a copy of the actual board game and am looking forward to revisiting this over the Christmas period. In the meantime I may have to take a look at this.

    1. I think there is a 50% sale on on Steam atm, but it rather cheap even with it out :)

  2. Cheers Chico. Managed to pick up the board game at a car boot a few years ago but my eldest immediately took ownership and played it to death. Isn't there an expansion? Does the PC game contain it? Thanks for posting this, much appreciated.

    1. The expansion for the PC game is ''Lords of the Night'' and is coming next year on Steam :)

  3. I got this for an Android tablet, and found it to play very much like the original board game.
    In some ways, these are improvements on the originals, as they remove some of the card sorting and shuffling, and can be saved to play in stages, without the cat jumping on the board, or your mother tidying it away.

  4. Blaxcleric; are you looking for an expansion to the PC version, or the boardgame you bought?

    There wasn't an official expansion sold for the boardgame, but there was an article in White Dwarf, which added new cards. You may be able to tell if these are in your set, by the feel (rough paper vs shiny).
    As far as I can remember, these may have been included in the PC/Android version.
    IIRC, one of them was the explosive vest, which allowed players frustrated by the all or nothing win conditions of the game, to have another means of scoring a Phyrric victory.


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