Thursday, 4 December 2014

SAGA: Battle Report - ''Challenge at Ameagon's Rock''

 Anglo-Danish Bacon Vs Welsh Sheep ''Enjoyers''

So today I had another great game of SAGA against my rival Lord Pat and his Welsh. Rolling up the scenario we got ''The Challenge''.

Works for me as I haven't played that one before.

Set up is simple with both Warlords starting with in S (4") of each other in the centre, this case right under the giant throbbing rock.. Yes I said rock :P

Warlords face off, while the Welsh advance

Anglo-Danes advance to support their Liege.
Both Warlords take a wound
 Unlike normal games of SAGA, ''The Challenge'' gives 12 wounds to each Warlord and the first to lose all 12 not only dies of shame but loses the game.


Dice can be fickle feckers
 Ummm plenty of dice to command the Warriors and Heartguard, i used both my Helms to get extra dice.

Both Warlords pulls back to allow the Warbands to engage in a clash of arms, not marriage :P

Welsh about to throw Pointy Sheep at me.

Aided by the Battleboard and a great dice rolling the Warriors slaughter the Welsh Hearthguard.

My Hearthguard and 2nd Warriors suffer massive amount of deaths, but its not lost. The Gods are still with me.

Warlord and Hearthguard start the killing of the Welsh, your soul is mine old man!

Welsh Warriors and Warlord against my my Warlord and Hearthguard wielding Dane-Axes. End result the Welsh Warlord fell my blade and we know Ameagon was pleased as the rock became harder and longer.


Great game all round, it was a hard game as The Welsh are shooty buggers but luck was on my side and I rolled what I needed when I needed it.


  1. Great AAR Chico, and nice to see someone else burning the midnight oil to get their blog posting out :-) I like your bases even more now as I can clearly see which minis are part of your victorious warband. Terrific stuff my friend.

    1. Thanks, I'm a night owl really. I don't try to sleep until 2am it's been ingrained in me with all the Late and Night shift work I used to do.

  2. Hmm, that rock looks a bit unstable, maybe someone should roll a couple of big boulders up to the base to make it more secure.

    1. Their was indeed a boulder or 2 heh I guess they rolled down the hill heh


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