Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chico's gone Mantic again: Sci Fi Crazy Box

Love them or hate them but one thing that can't be denied is Mantic know how to do a bargain and draw in the punters. 

Every year they do a ''Crazy Box'' in  2 flavours both Sci Fi & Standard for £25 which contains around £80 worth of toys. This year they also had 2 deals running 15% off and Free Shipping over £30.

So Ummm I couldn't say no, so along with some more Deadzone Terrain I got a box.

So it turned up this morning, woot!

Now I don't know much about Mantic so it took me awhile to work out what I had, and to be fair I haven't a clue what I'm going to use any of it for hehe.

2x Deadzone Ruin Sprue's
2x Deadzone Assories Pack
1x Deadzone Connector Clips
1x Helfather
5x Corporation Marines
3x Dreadball Players
1x Dreadball Terraton Giant 
2x Plague stage 3A troops with rifles
1x Plague Stage 3A with Heavy Machine Gun
1x Marauder Raptor
1x Marauder Grunt Command Sprue
1x Marauder Commando
1x Marauder Goblin Sniper
1x Poster

Well other then the scenery and the odd but this is going to the trade fodder pile :( I was hoping for Mars Attack or Veer-Myn & Deadzone Forgefather but alias it was worth a punt :)

See anything you fancy? I'm always up for a trade :D


  1. I now own 4 of those Raptors, none of which I've wanted, Mantic don't seem to be able to sell them!

    1. Heh I quite the Raptor but I was informed that they tend to be in everything.

    2. when i get round to reassembling my Rebel Grotz for Gorkamorka, I'll probably be after a couple of those as the chassis make a good base for Cuttas and Luggas

    3. I get a few t covert up fr postapoc style games and setings.. either that or starting a Warpath Orx force hehe

  2. I'm glad I held off, it seems like excellent value, but the chance of actually getting what you want seems low. :(

  3. I could be interrested. Need to get my box too to see if they have put the same bits in though.

    1. Mine is labled box 2 so Im guessing there is around 3 versions like last year. Not a bad value box just useless to me hehe

    2. Can not see a number on mine, but it was different to yours. Well the scenery was the same. I got some more forgefathers, rebels and plague.

    3. Box number is top right, might be under your postage label.


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