Friday, 19 December 2014

Evil Space Dorfs - Painted Masters

Almost Xmas time eh? Full of joys and spirits? I wish that was the case in the Danks household but alas not too be as last night my Boiler went boom.. Looks like it won't be fixed to after the hoilday season to boot! So no hot water and heating! Bag Humbug!

Oh a plus note I've done the first bit of painting in a little while (Bad eyes strikes again) but I managed to paint up the Evil Dorf Masters! They look rather spanking too!

4 Masters all together

Dark Judge Chico & Cyber Goat Ram-Bam

Evil Dorf Officer Khan & Trooper Fodder

Pirates by trade so bright armour is the norm for the little feckers, These are great fun to paint, Mr Fimm give meh moooooooooooore! :D

Oh and check out Mr Fimms painted versions:

Fimm McCool's Blog


  1. Splendid looking stuff Chico, especially the Dark Judge :-) Can't wait to get my hands on them myself. Sorry to hear about the boiler - booze is the answer and plenty of it; apparently one of the Titanic survivors drunk as much whiskey as they could muster and it kept them warm despite the waters freezing temperatures so he could be picked up by a lifeboat!! Hope it gets fixed as soon as possible. Have a warm one!!!

    1. Funny thing is dispite booze giving you a warm feeling it lowers body temperature. I guess if you drink alot it makes your blood harder to freeze though as alcohol has a lower freezing point. Heh now mines a Guinness.

  2. These are really cool, wanna see more!

    1. Poke Mr Fimm with a pointy stick hehand/or pre-order these ones when they are available and it's should hopefully lead to more being done at some point. Glad you like them as much as me though.


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