Friday, 5 December 2014

Wargames Scenery: Gaming Mats

So if I'm honest my gaming table stalled, the reason was just how to go about making it. I'm not very DIY unless you mean Destroy It Yourself.

The main problem was what do I use.. do I run with a expensive Battleboard set (Games Workshop) or a home made textured board, maybe even a new rubber gaming mats (Mantic) or a classic flocked mat.

Then of course what colour as I base 40k/Sci-Fi 1 way and Fan/Historic another (Which still has exceptions to the rules..)

Right I think i have made my mind up.

Javis Heath do a range of nice 4ft by 2ft Gaming Mats for a rather cheap price of £4 a roll. So I picked up 2 of the Large Black Tarmac rolls which I may or may not paint up lighter to use as board for Snow and Sci-Fi Grey battlefields (Necromunda, Judge Dredd & Combat Zone).

Now I don't play large mass battle games anymore and well I tend to find them rather boring and alot of work for not much extra enjoyment so I just need a 4ft by 4ft for my needs.

Perfect as I don't have much space for storage or gaming.

Or course that may just be a mess and not working, so I'm keeping my options open. I do happen to like the Mantic gaming mats (Mars Attacks & Deadzone).

Now why they are great I'd need 4, and at £15 each that's fecking expensive... lets hope option 1 works!

So what do you think?


  1. Chico, as you know from my Batreps I own a Mantic 2x2 and thoroughly recommend it. But they are expensive, and although I have thought about picking up a second one, its been the price that has somewhat put me off - although I was looking at enough for a 4x4; a 2x4 set up is still a sizable investment though at £30. I must confess to being a bit of a train collector too though and am very interested in seeing how you get on with one of the "Javis Heath" ballast mats you've bought. Never entered my head that they could be used as gaming mats as the ones I've seen have always been rather coarse. Have you coated yours with PVA or something to smooth it out a little or at least stop the sand from coming off?

    1. I've only just ordered 2 of the No9 Black Tarmac landscape mats (For a 4x 4 table), but I did plan to coat it with watered down PVA if it looked like it was going to flake. Not sure what to expect to be fair.

    2. Well I'll be seriously interested in your thoughts when they arrive and any modifications you make to them. Thanks for posting this as you've got me thinking now :-)

  2. Dude, you can get cheap board and paint from B&Q/Homebase and they'll cut it for you, all you need to do then is paint the thing.

    1. Aye I know and that was one of the options I mentioned. Trouble with that option though is board storage I live in a tiny flat with pets. Not only the cost of paint (textured and spray included) which ran it up to £40. Cost of what I went for is £8 and easy storage.


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