Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Evil Space Dorfs - 2nd Master Casts

So yesterday I showed you the first picture first Masters Casts of a Evil Space Dorf Officer & Trooper (HERE)

Remember the blacked out figures?

Wanna see them?


Ok, just for you.. don't tell anyone:

Dark Judge Dorf Chico & Cyber Goat ''Ram-Bam''

Yep Mr Fimm under no direction from myself as a set off bonus figures went ahead and a made me my very own Dark Judge and pet Goat. Ain't that fecking cool? It even fits in with the other Dorfs!.. And yes these will be for sale along side the main range before you ask.

Now wanna see some more pics of the other casts shown yesterday?

I have to say these are everything I wanted and then some, quirky and charming and fecking Evil looking gits.

Whatcha think?


  1. What better thing than a model of oneself to play with !

    Very cool stuff you guys, thumbs up.

    1. What's better is those who buy one get to play with me heheh

  2. Is it worrying that I like the cyber-goat best of all?!?! :D

  3. Definitely looks like a Batman & Dredd verses the Dark Judge Dorf Chico Batrep coming in the New Year :-)

    1. Only if you been a good boy this year heh.

    2. And you hurry up and get these beauties up for sale so I buy 'em!! :-)

    3. No fixed time frame for selling but I hope early next year and hopefully that'll fund more sculpts.


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