Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Evil Space Dorfs - First Master Casts

So as some of you know I have had the rather talented Mr Fimm of Oakbound Games commission me a range of ''Evil Space Dorfs'' You can follow his work on his Blog

It's been a fair few months in the making and you can view the concepts and greens here:

Evil Space Dorfs - Concepts 1
Evil Space Dorfs - Concept 2 'Gramps & Fenlock'
Evil Space Dorfs - Greens

Now the Master Casts have arrived:

The first 2 have been black out and even I don't know anything about them.. yet.

Any of my profit of the sales of these (Which will more then likely be pre-ordered in the new year) will go straight back to expanding the range and if I can convince Mr Fimm other related range line.

Remember more demand and praise and more get made, wouldn't you like a Warband of these?

As always comments welcome :)


  1. Progressing nicely, been interesting watching them go from concept to mini.

    1. Thanks very much, we are but on the first steps on what will become a full range of cod-peice loving Evil Dorfs.

      Just a few concepts that may or maynot see the light of day:

      Evil Dorf ideas:
      Dorf Berserker: Think Necromunda Goliath, leather, stuns, Mohawks and massive 2 handed chain axes
      Dorf Heavy Weapons: Chainguns & Spearcannons, Flame throwers
      Dorf Exo-suits: Dirty Heavy industrial walking suits (Terminator size)
      Goblinoid Slave Race: Imp style, long limbs, masks & Chains
      Dorf: Max Max style bikes/trike: dirty grunge, exposed motors

      Then of course I still got to name the range.


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