Sunday, 14 December 2014

Squiggies looking for a new home

Squigs are for life not just for Xmas,

Alas these poor homeless Squigs are looking for a new loving home with plenty of Goblins to eat and fungus to hump.

Includes the following:

LE White Dwarf Subscription Goblin Boss
Skarnik & Gobbla
Squig Hopper
The Chase
7 Squigs
4th Ed Squig Handler pair

Looking to trade them for the following, or a nice paypal offer (So I can buy the Wife something nice for Xmas)

Mounted 3rd Ed Dark Elves
Citadel Judge Dredd
C10 Half Orcs
C36/DL2 Hobgoblins
Temple Dogs
Crusaders (Any company)
15mm Scenery
Mantic DZ/WP Veer-Myn.
Mantic DZ/WP Orx

You know you want them, don't you...

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