Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2014 Round Up: Part 2

So part 2 of the 2014 round up then, I'm rather proud of my Hobby and always happy to show off to the internet and friends.

I'm just going to include some of my favourite projects rather then everything painted (Well over 400 figures).

6mm & 15mm:

This year I broke away from my standard 28mm gaming to try my hand at both 6mm & 15mm, both of which I'm rather addicted too now.

6mm wise I completed 2 Epic Armies (Genestealer Cult & Orks) & alot of scenery.

15mm I started my 15mm Rogue Trader Project, which I have everything to build 6/7 Warbands (Various size Warbands)

Judge Dredd:

Yep this year also saw me add massively to my Citadel Judge Dredd Collection, but it's still a long way to finish but I'm enjoying every moment of it.

This year also included many other Projects like Chaos Squats, Outcast Greenskins, Combat Zone, Dead Man's Hand, Dark Elves, lots  Scenery and lots of other odds and sods.

Much more to come in the new year!

Oh this is my project over Xmas:

More about these soon :)


  1. Looking very good indeed Chico. Obviously I'm most impressed with your extensive Judge Dredd collection but the other gubbins' are very nice too. Have a top holiday time :-)

    1. Heh it's grown alot since the last lot of pictures, it's getting rather compulsive heh


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