Friday, 12 December 2014

Wargames Scenery: Stonehenge/Alter

Yes I know, another post about Scenery.. Don't like it? Awww I'm sorry, well not really but It's almost Black Mass time and I can't afford to alienate my Minions ;).

Suitable for my SAGA & WhFB3 games, they were a Ebay job lot that I repainted and changed/added too.

I feel I now have most of the scenery I need except for a few trees for some home games. 

Whatcha think?


  1. Outstanding stuff Chico. Not only the painting but the foliage too. I can't quite tell but the basing looks like it'll fit in very well with your SAGA stuff. Any chance a few piccies of some of the minis with the scenery for one of your devoted minions ;-)

    1. Aye it's my standard snow & frost style bases so it should be Ok. As for asking for more you're be the first Minion sacrificedo heh

  2. I really want to make one of these in the future. looks awesome!

  3. What a bargain haha. Great looking terrain useful for all sorts of settings as well.


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