Friday, 3 October 2014

Orctober: Half-Orcs Khornate Cult Part 1

So it's Orctober! Never heard of it eh? Well Erny describes it well here: Erny's Place. Anyway for my entry I'm doing a unit of 20 Khornate Half-Orcs which needed to be done for my Chaos Greenskin Project.

Want to see how far I've got?

Sadly this Half Orc lost his weapon in the Stripper... Oi thats enough sniggering! This is a high class Blog... Ok that's bollocks heh. Anyway he made a nice Standard Bearer with a small bit of converting.

Front rank finished with around 5 hours painting time, quite happy with them overall.ay need some work at a later date if I'm honest.

Second Rank, some I like others I may end up redoing after a swim in the Dettol at some point.. Hmmm.

Full Unit so far, another 10 left to finish them I may treat myself to painting something different.

So whatcha think?


  1. Excellent looking.
    I like the way you have painted the cloth red to unify them as a unit and give them a Khornate feel. The light bases offset the red cloth and green-ish flesh very well.
    Nice standard bearer conversion too.

  2. Everyone needs Scabbies, love these simple figures with their smart little skelly shields.

    1. Yeah some great figures, the shields are great :-)

  3. really like the standard bearer! as bob ross would have said "a happy little accident"


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