Friday, 25 November 2016

Evil Space Dorf's - The End

Just a quick post to say I'm no longer connected in anyway too the Evil Space Dorfs line.

Any Sculpts/Greens that are funded by myself (Part of Wave 1) have been removed from sale.

The Greens and casting rights at this point in time are not for sale.

The rest of the range I have no control  or say over.

Not happy but it happens when Personal, Hobby & Business mix.

Time to move forward and now look into getting another of my personal ranges into production.


Saturday, 19 November 2016

Bolt Action/K'47 Free French - French Foreign Legion

Long time no post eh?

I could make an excuse but the simple reason is I'm just tired of ''Oldhammer''.

Still love the older mini's but the rules ain't my thing (Outside of Necromunda & Mordheim) and getting a game of anything was rather few and far between.

Top that off with no money, having to buy a new Laptop and thinning of my collections I'm just enjoying some Historic based systems (Well loosely Historic-skinned) in the form of Bolt Action V.2, TANKS (15mm small Tank Battles) & K'47.

Still it ain't all bad I've painted up 4 large BA forces so far (Late War Winter Germans, Early War Winter Soviets, Home Guard & Free French.

As Free French is what I'm doing now here's where they are now:

Friday, 30 September 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammers - The City of the Lead Pt.2

So welcome back to the To4OG series

We still have the following:

James author of Realm of Chaos 80's (The Tart)
Steve author of Eldritch Epistles (The Papa)
Paul author of The Black Castle (The Underboss)
and Myself. (The sexy brooding one)

So this is part 2 you can find Pt.1 here

This is Bill, he likes playing fetch and eating your face

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Evil Space Dorfs: Build-a-Dorf! (500th Blog Post!!!)

Right-o it's been a wee while but if you remember from this post:

That well Wave 2 was cast up and Geoff the mastermind and genius behind the sculpting and running of Oakbound Studio and I was sent a couple of sets of the Masters (Which I should pull my finger out and paint).

Dorfs! Build-a-Dorf!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammers - The City of the Lead Pt.1 - Gnolls

This is Fred, he likes long walks and eating your face.

So welcome back to the To4OG series, it's now the 2nd year so time for some changes!

We still have the following:

James author of Realm of Chaos 80's
Steve author of Eldritch Epistles
Paul author of The Black Castle
and Myself.

As you know the last one we done was for WhFB3 and 100pts per month, this time it's Mordheim and only a single per month (Totalling 12 figures that have a combined cost of 500gc).

So after throwing a few ideas around from Skaven to Araby I've finally settled on my Warband of choice..


You already knew this from the title


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dad's Army - Section 1 Complete

So as you may remember from one of the previous  Blog posts:

 That I'm painting up a force of Wargame Foundry's WW2 Home Guard *Cough* Dad's Army *Cough*.

Well while enjoyable little sculpts are taking longer then expected to paint up plus I'm still getting distracted by my Germans (Who just had 2 Foundry MMG teams painted and are waiting for a Kubelwagen to get undercoated).

Anyway I have completed the first 8 men section.

Corporal W/ Tommy Gun
Lance Corporal W/ Rifle
4 Privates W/ Rifle
2 Private W/ Lewis Gun

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dad's Army - Don't Panic, Don't Panic!

So before I post Pt.3 of the BOYL16 Aftermath I'd thought I'd show you some of the loot I got on the weekend from the Foundry store.

I went to the weekend with limited funds but did plan to buy a few bits and lucky for me I traded (Traded for monies ;) hehe) a large section of my trade fodder on the Saturday so I could buy more or less everything I wanted... 


Sadly I didn't get the full collection (Missing the Phonebox & Civ's set) as money didn't quite go that far as I wanted some other bits (Kev Adams female Troll!!) and they were the least game-able.

The well known faces, including Captain Square. Don't worry Private Frazer is busy elsewhere.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - The Aftermath Pt.2: Judgement Day Cometh!

So part 2 of the aftermath of BOYL16... The Judge Dredd: Judgement Day game.

If you missed anything then check out Pt.1 and JD details below:

Anyway enough of the link dropping, it's time for some photos..

Are you ready kids?

''Aye Aye Chico''

I can't here you!

''Aye Aye Chico!''

Zombies spot some tasty tasty Perpsi Sodas

Monday, 8 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - The Aftermath Pt.1

Fecking hell that's BOYL over for another year, smaller affair this year? Yes.. quieter? Nope!

So I now find myself sitting at home on the sofa (While the Wife snores in the Bedroom) at 7am thinking damn I've got used to having a Full English cooked by the Hotel Staff I wonder if I could get away with cooking one now...

Anyhoo I'm going to break this down into 3 Parts:

1> The General Pictures
2> The Judge Dredd Game
3> Nude pictures of James Taylor... Sorry I meant the To4OG Game.

Can you spot me, winner gets a free ''Too Sweet'' if you spot me and get that reference.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - Foundry's little suprise

So as you know BOYL is hosted by the fantastic Wargames Foundry and each year the do something special for the Oldhammer crowd from the Oldhammer Goblin to last years Unreleased 2000AD/Rogue Trader set being cast.

This year they have gone done it again.. Fresh from their Facebook page:

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - Judge Dredd Judgement Day

Just a quick post to remind everyone for the 3rd year running at BOYL I will be running a Judge Dredd Game.

You can view the last 2 years below:

This years theme will be based on the ”Judgement Day” story arc but rather then focus on Mega-City 1 or Hondo City it will be set in East-Meg 2 (Which was nearly over run by Sabbat’s Zombies) and their roll in the story.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

For Sale: Heartbreaker Dark Goblins Blister Packs

As Bring Out Your Lead draws near I need to start selling some bits to fund the trip, as I booked my hotel room late this year and ended up with a double room it's rather expensive.

So up first is my spare Blistered Heartbreaker Darks Goblins.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Horus Heresy: Emperor's Children Project

Bit of a long due post this one (Along with a few other posts I need to do).

Anyway if you remember at the beginning of the year I started painting some Forgeworld bits along with some of the then new BaC plastics.

Once a month or so I'd crack them out and paint a bit then put them away while other more pressing projects got my interest.

Anyway at long last I have a sizeable amount painted, enough for some pictures!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Warmaster: Araby - Progress Pt.2

So Pt.2 of my Warmaster Araby series is here for your reading pleasure.

For Pt.1 of the progress go HERE and the Project Beginning HERE.

Right anyway it's been slow going with these, partly because of the sculpts being a bit plain and partly because I've 4/5 other projects wanting some paint (Including 60 Zombies reading for a giant Judge Dredd game at BOYL16).

Enough of my moaning time for pictures!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Project Z - Review Pt.1

So my lovely (Read: Long suffering) Wife bought me a copy of Warlord's Project Z Starter set today during a trip to Orcs Nest as my late Anniversary gift.

So I've now had a few hours to have a play and read the rules.. a whole 15 pages of them! 

So here's my thoughts pre-game!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers - Pt.10: 20 Half Orcs

So my counts this is my final To4OG's post as these takes me up too 1000pts .

Note I missed posting a month due to camera problems, but I still painted up a Hobgoblin Battle Standard in that month which hasn't yet been shown but I'm saving him for next month as part of a full army shot.

Right this month I repainted my Half Orcs clothes and cloaks which I first painted for Orctober 2013.

Much happier with them now.

Just need to finish a movement tray and I'm calling it a day.

Boy going for a horde army for To4OG wasn't my cleaverest move hehe

Anyway Ta Ta for now!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Blood Bowl: What!?-Fords Part 4 - Time for a Upgrade? Downgrade?

So along time ago ( Jan 2015), Ok not that long ago in the grand scheme of things I finished my Human Blood Bowl team the What!?-Fords which were named after my home town Watford and even used the colours of the Football Team (Yes I'm not a Football Fan but rather a Rugby Fan).

You can see what was the final post HERE

The team as it stands now

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.17 - Riot The Cultist Ogre

Wow Pt.17 eh? (My lucky number as well) and still plowing onward.

So today I have for you Riot (Not to be mistaken for any other Riot you may know, well ok maybe...).

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Warmaster: Araby - Progress Pt.1

As regular readers know I'm currently working on my 2nd Warmaster force, for those which may have missed it (Shame on you) you can read the start of the project here: Warmaster: Araby - The Project Begins.

How have I progressed?


It's been a real pain in the bum!


Well due to the fact my first order was mostly the same few sculpts in large numbers it's been a strain keeping motivated, plus it doesn't help that the same sculpts aren't very detailed and rather soft.

Still I've gritted my teeth and grinded though (Also been breaking it up by painting Mordheim and K'47 toys) and made some progress.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

GLOGGing it: 5th June

Once again a few people from around the Greater London area are having a get together in Ilford Gaming Club on the 5th of June.

Come down (Up?) and join us for a chat and a game or two. It's doesn't have to be Oldhammer and feel free to arrange and game whatever you wish, as it's a normal games Club no doubt people will be gaming random bits anyway.

Me? Well once again I'll be Mordheiming it up with the Riot Maker himself (Which may or maynot get molested.. just sayin') and Paul/Golgfag1 in a 3 way 1000gc stand alone game.

The Congregation of the Twin Tailed Comet will make the streets run red.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Warmaster: Araby - The Project Begins

As regular readers know I like my smaller scales and one of my favourite scales is 10mm.

Already having 1 10mm army (My Orcs) I thought it was time to get them someone to bash or in the case of my Orcs lose too.

So what army to choose? It has too be a army I can build from alternative figure ranges as GW figures sell for silly (and I do mean silly) amounts.

Dark Elves? Tempting but I'm not too keen on the alternative minis.

Kislev? These ended up being close to the army I went with as most of the army could be built from Historic Polish.

Skaven? Sadly no suitable alternative ranges I liked, Gun wielding Mice though...

Araby? Bingo! Alternative ranges? Check! as there's both Fantasy and Historic ranges that'll fit and I'll get to run fun toys like Flying Carpets and elephants.

Well anyway one small test order and a few weeks wait and here's the first bits though the door:

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Bloggy!

Just a quick post but it's my Bloggys 3rd birthday.

Started back in 2013 when Oldhammer was still very new and nowhere near as popular. I've watched the movement grow to a staggering amount of people/project/Blogs/groups.

While  have somewhat moved on from Oldd School gaming into a wide range of other games the Blog was always the one constant that hasn't changed much, that is bad jokes, blurry pictures and lots of typos.

Anyway here's to another few years! 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.16 - The Congregation of the Twin Tailed Comet

Hey boys and girls if you remember from this post The Random Cultist Project I picked up some of the fantastic Frostyballs Cultists to use in Chicoheim™.

I have to say even being plastic they were a joy to paint, it allowed me to try a brighter then normal paint scheme without worrying too much.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Calling all Greater London: Oldhammer Gits & Gamers

This Sunday at Ilford Gaming Club (1-6pm) a few of us Oldhammers/Old Gits/Sexeh Peoples are meeting for a bit of a chat and game.

So come join us and maybe play a game or two or at the very least talk toys.

Me I'm looking forward to Da Royal Court getting set loose in a either a game of Mordheim and/or Frostyballs..err grave.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers - Pt.9 - Goblin Shaman

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers.

Those taking part are:

James author of Realm of Chaos 80's
Steve author of Eldritch Epistles
Paul author of The Black Hole
and Myself.

Wow Pt.9 already, times going by fast and I'm now almost done with this army (Woot?)

So today I have just 1 figure a Lvl 15 Goblin Shaman.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.15 Barny Widdleslop, Slapdud the Lame & Furrozek Filthfingers

As promised from Pt.14 I've been adding to the Da Royal Court for use in Chicoheim™ (Either Mordheim or Frostgrave).

So today is 4 new members:

Barny Widdleslop, Slapdud the Lame, Furrozek Filthfingers & a Handmaiden

Monday, 25 April 2016

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.14 Wanger Rumblestump the Chief Jester & Ozzy the Bateater

So it's been awhile since I've done anything for my Mordheim/Chicoheim™ Orcs aka ''Da Royal Court''.

But like most (Read: all) of my projects they are never really finished or put to bed.

Yesterday while looking though the lovely updated Warmonger Miniatures I got the urge to paint up some more of the stunning Kev Adams Greenskins.

For those that don't know Warmonger is an extension of Foundry Miniatures where all their stunning (Sometimes bloody expensive) Fantasy range now lives.

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