Thursday, 28 May 2020

Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.4

Wow it's Pt.4 already and the progress continues at a steady pace.

Today sees another 6 Fireforge Knights completed taking the total up too 12 and enough for 2 units of Mounted Men-at-arms for Lion Rampant.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.3

So boys and girls welcome back to the Den of Vice and Dice, if you may remember from the last POST that I rescued a bunch of tincans on nellys from my abandoned project draw.

After I made that post I remembered I still had a bunch of sprues I bought on LAF of Fireforge's Teutonic Knights set I was going to mix with Templar Knights I already had.

It took me over an hour of hunting to bloody find everything but I managed to kitbash enough of the 2 sets together to make another 6 Knights, giving me 12 in total (Enough for 2 units in LR).

Too make it even better I've even painted up 6 of the buggers in the last few days thanks to Contrast paints over a grey primer and they being mostly armour or cloth.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Footsore Miniatures & Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.2

A little WIP post for you all to enjoy on your tod aka read when in the bathroom ;)

So while this project was going to be just solely Footsore Miniatures Barons' War range I've decided that after looking though my unloved and abandoned project hobby draws I'd use up what I got going spare and in this case it's a bunch of Fireforge Games plastic Mounted Knights.

Now I ain't really a big fan of plastic and tend to not bother with it at all if it can be helped (No doubt why it ended up in my abandoned draws to start with).

But these are not too bad honestly and it helped me that they were semi-put together (Just had to find a few lost heads, a odd arm and a some bases).

Monday, 18 May 2020

Footsore Miniatures: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.1

Look mummy I'm still posting!

9 whole posts in and I haven't yet given up again!

What's that you say?

Yes yes you are  indeed quite welcome, did I say stop clapping?


Anyhoo I'm back with some more Baron Wars stuff and not only that I've found the ruleset I'll be running with: Lion Rampant.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Footsore Miniatures: The Barons' War

Bit of a random project for me, I've never really done much Dark Age/Middle Age gaming other than SAGA a few years back(Which if I'm honest I didn't like the dice and board mechanic).

So when I saw a few Youtubers like Boots on the Table with Dom and The Eccentric Man  paint some up and do a review it sparked a little unknown interest in myself.

So I ordered a little test order from Footsore (Expecting a long wait I might add) and was happily surprised when I got my order in less than a week.. result.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Bolt Action: Italian Paracadutisti

Just a quick photo dump post from one of the projects I've completed and never took any pictures of for the wee bloggy.

This time it's another BA force (Yes, I know It's a habit).

Anyone who wants to do a Italian Para force then good luck as the camo is a real ball ache so I'm glad they are finished (For the time being).

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.18 - Da Royal Court Completed.

Bit of a bonus Bloggy post today as I've stumbled across my old Foundry Orc Warband while having a tidy up this morning.

Sadly they haven't been used in anger in many a moon which is a real shame as I quite like the ladz. 

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