Saturday 7 May 2022

Tale of 1 Bored Gamer - Ogre Army Project Log


Welcome ladies and gents to the start of a random project that I didn't even know I was going to do until the end of last week.

So really there is little to no planning, but I do have a goal: Paint Ogres and a end goal: Drink lotza booze when Ogres are done.

So with that in mine this is what I'm working with:

The figures themselves are 3D prints from Highland Miniatures STL's (Not printed myself, one day though I'll get one). Very nice too and you can picture them in a winter blizzard theme rather well.

There are 14 Warriors (various weapons, 1 will be a Boss and another a Battle Standard Bearer) 6 Leadbelchers and a weird Ox like thing that came with the STLs which may or may not get converted into a scrap launcher warmachine of sometype... maybe.

As for rules sets... um yes.

But I do know they are going on separate square bases:

Maybe KoW, maybe WhFB or just a project for the sake of it.. we'll see.

Until next time TTFN.

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