Thursday 26 August 2021

10mm Kings of War - Pirate Ogres: Part 2 More Planning


Whelp welcome back my lovelies to the Blog and the 2nd post in the series.

If you missed it you can find the first post: HERE

Right, all caught up?


So I'm currently off work with a nasty Chest infection (Combined with my Type 1 Diabetes its a bugger to say the least).

So needless to say I haven't done any real hobbying other than more planning on my Pirate Ogres.

As from last post I wanted most the bits from Blackgate Miniatures but they were missing a few bits I wanted and as it turns out a few bits I didn't know I wanted till I saw them.

Saturday 21 August 2021

10mm Kings of War - Pirate Ogres: Part 1 The Planning


So boys, girls, Fimir and sex demons welcome back to to the Blog that goes full hog (No wait that sounds like far too much effort, I guess I have a semi-hog then? Maybe?).

Ahem right.. nevermind just keep moving forward..

So no doubt from the title you have already worked out what's going on here, and if you haven't then go look now.. 

Done? Good.

So long time readers will now I have a soft spot for both Warmaster (All Warmaster posts HERE) and Kings of War (All KoW post HERE).

So when one of my friends mentioned they were doing 10mm KoW I jumped right in and kicked him for being a c*** and making me spend my beer more on more toys.

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Kings of War Armada: Patrol Captain Ben R. Over's Basilians


Part of my 2nd Armada Fleet, while I do have a few more painted since I finished these 2 I have yet to take some pictures (I blame the nasty people that drag me to the pub after work, for shame on them).

Kings of War Armada: Morguts Orc Flotilla


Afternoon boys and girls..

So every now and again I get a message via one of the many forums/groups/blogs ect asking if I'm still alive or stopped hobbying.

The answer is yes but I tend to just stick with Facebook now for my hobby needs as its just so much easier then Blogging these days and hits a much larger group of people.

Though to prove I'm not dead yet here's my latest project.. Morguts Orc Flotilla.

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