Saturday 31 January 2015

Dark Future: Sanctioned OP & 20mm Scale Shots

Finished up my first Sanctioned OP including Driver in the wee hours of this morning while feeling rough from the inflamed nerve, to top it off I now have a start of a cold coming on.. so woo is me heh.

Corgi Racers makes a nice V8 Interceptor

Friday 30 January 2015

SAGA: More Viking Hearthguard

Despite suffering from a inflamed nerve in my tooth (Read toothache from hell) and ending up wandering around a Tesco's at 5am looking for pain killers and/or a pair of pliers (Lucky I found the painkillers first) my paint brushes haven't been idle and I finished painting up another 4 Hearthguard.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

SAGA: Viking Hearthguard

Too change up the pace a little from my current painting queue I've decided my SAGA Viking Warband needed some more for a forth coming game.

You can view the finished Warlord and Berserkers that I've already painted here:

3 Black Tree and 1 unknown Standard Bearer

Monday 26 January 2015

Dark Future: The Anarchy Cult

Arhhh DF fever is still running strong so it's made me crack on with another group of desperate murders and slavers, The Anarchy Cult. Rumoured to be the foot soldiers of a shadowy group known as The Bible Belt.

Friday 23 January 2015

Dark Future: The Panzerheads Gun-gang

So as a change of pace from paint up my Blood Bowl Teams I've dropped down to a scale I have never painted before - 20mm. Now It's not too different then painting my 15mm Sci-Fi so it was quite easy to adapt too.

As you may or may not know I have always had a soft spot for the Dark Future Fluff and background partly because like myself it's so Un-PC which in this day and age and of course for better or worse it's not the done thing.

Anyway pictures!

2 Panzerheads Bonebreakers

Thursday 22 January 2015

Blood Bowl: What!?-Fords Part 3

Wooo that's the starting 11 painted, I even got a few games in last night and I had a blast apart from getting chainsaw raped by Goblins which even then was quite funny heh.

The What!?-Fords starting 11

Monday 19 January 2015

Blood Bowl: What!?-Fords Part 2

Well despite being distracted by the Dark Future Facebook Group I set up last week and all the wonderful new distractions that it brings I've still finished painting a few more of my Human Blood Bowl team.

This time a Star Player The Mighty Zug and a Plastic 3rd Ed Blitzer.

Saturday 17 January 2015

Blood Bowl: What!?-Fords Part 1

So after finishing my Ogre yesterday for the 100 Club Oldhammer Challenge I decided my newly acquired Human Team needed a lick of paint (Sorry Chaos Team you have to wait).

Now I have 24 Human players a mix of 2nd Ed metals & 3rd Ed plastics and metal Star Players. Not knowing what my team will consist of for the League starting up soon at my local Club I took the random approach and fished out 4 players to get cracking on at random.

Turned out to be a 2nd Ed Chucker (Thrower) and Catcher, plus 2 3rd Ed Mono-pose plastic Linemen.

What!?-Fords Players showing off for a photoshoot.

Friday 16 January 2015

Blood Bowl: ''I have never painted before....'' entry

Mr WP of The Leadpile started a thread on the Oldhammer Forum to run a Oldhammer style 100 Club much the same that runs on Lead Adventure Forum.

This theme is ''I have never painted before....''

The rules are simple:

You pick a miniature.
You paint it.
You post it on the 100 thread.
You number the your post and the challenge stops when we reach 100.

Simple and quite entertaining, while I never bothered with the LAF ones even though I'm a regular over there doing it in the Oldhammer environment seems to have hit the nail in my mind.

Anyway my first entry and No. 8 in the Club:

No.8 Blood Bowl Ogre - Team What!?-Fords

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Rogue Trader 15mm: Battle Report - Virus Bombing of Itchy Krak

Virus Bombing of Itchy Krak

Today I had to chance to play a game on 15mm Sci Fi using the USEME rules set and I have to say I was rather impressed even though we made some mistakes with the ELAN ratings. I also got to use all my terrain I had painted which is also nice. 

Inquisitor Thrush sat in his well padded chair as he pondered the latest report of Cult activity at the Outpost of Itchy Krak. The Cult had been almost wiped out once by the Ork invasion and the hiring of The Torg Bounty Hunters, but alas they have sprung up once again this time with the minions of the Dark Gods by their side.

There is only 1 answer... Virus Bomb.

Monday 12 January 2015

Rogue Trader 15mm: Ruined Buildings

The first of my 15mm scenery has been painted, I picked this up in a trade so no idea who made them but they are a tad out of scale as it sized for truescale 15mm (Most of my 15mm size up close to 18mm) but still seems to work quite well.

Saturday 10 January 2015

Blood Bowl, Books, Trading and Charity Shops

So there I was acting all innocent and  scrolling though the the lawless depths of the OTC (Oldhammer Trading Company).

Then all of of a sudden I'm jumped upon by a visous gang of sellers & traders all forcing me to buy there shinys and first borns.

I tried to fight them off.. I really did, I almost made it too..

Until this,

Blood Bowl + Death Zone & Extras

Thursday 8 January 2015

Old Bowl/Blood Bowl or Oh crud more toys

So Oldbowl or Blood Bowl as it's more commonly known outside of the Oldhammer groups is a game set I have always wanted to get my teeth into.

So after a little self debating (I'm the Master Debater) I've decided I'd do a Chaos Team and since Mr Saturday is posting me some 80's Citadel Testicle Pink and Bilious Green (No longer made dew to toxic ingredients, not even buy Coat D'arms) the teams colours will us one or both, yes it's going to be a Slaaneshi team with lots of boobs.

Of course I'm going to be using alot of the old Citadel players but also alot of the new alternative companies out such as Hasslefree, Impact & of course Beastface Miniatures.

These 2 will be Cheerleaders and they are from Hasslefree

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Rogue Trader 15mm: Beastmen, Cultists & a flashy new ride

Following from last Wednesdays 15mm update post (viewed HERE) I've been busy working on alot of more 15mm toys for a game on the 14th using the USEME: Sci-Fi rules set (which can be bought from

A lot of the bits won't be used but it's giving me then urge to finish them regardless.

Beastmen Attack Squad: The Hogs of War

Friday 2 January 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 8 - Dark Judge Fire & Mortis, Judge Dredd & Blax

So thanks to Blaxkleric from the well known and loved Blog Fantorical who posted a comment saying I needed to get cracking on some more Citadel Judge Dredd.. so I Umm did (I have a will of my own.. honest).

Well he was right though, I have over 80 unpainted with only 39 painted.. So yeah I've been slacking.

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