Thursday 13 March 2014

Vallejo Game Colour Review

So I'll admit I've been a die hard GW paint user from my beginning in this hobby in '93. But with the last GW paint change I've decided to try Game/Model Colour paint ranges, not because I didn't like to new GW range (Love the metallics and washes) but because I's thought it was a now or never moment.

I have to say I find VGC very hit and miss, for example Charred Brown and Tan are now must haves for me from now on as they make painting flesh so easy and eye popping. Now on the other hand Gory Red looks rather nice but is a bugger to paint on in less then 2/3 layers. But the worst of the look is Gunmetal... it's so shiny even when shaken for some time and washed with GW Nuln Oil.

The Vallejo come in nice little dropper style bottles which don't dry up! But are  a pain in the arse.. I always end up dropping to much or too little.

Still at least the paints are a lot cheaper than GWs, list prices for Vallejo paints are £1.80 for 17ml where as GW are £2.25 for 12ml overall that equates to a GW paint being around 80% more expensive. But having said that dew to new Royal Mail rules on sending water-based paints have changed too the following no more than four containers of up to 150ml each can be sent in one parcel, whether in the UK or internationally.

That means you must break down orders for paints into groups of four and send each group separately in order to comply with the law.

You can join the petition here: Post are Paint

The dropper bottles can clog sometimes, but that's the worst experience possible with the Vallejo GameColor bottles, and it's nothing that a paper clip kept handy can't resolve in seconds.

So what's your take on these? Like them or prefer another range?
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