Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dad's Army - Don't Panic, Don't Panic!

So before I post Pt.3 of the BOYL16 Aftermath I'd thought I'd show you some of the loot I got on the weekend from the Foundry store.

I went to the weekend with limited funds but did plan to buy a few bits and lucky for me I traded (Traded for monies ;) hehe) a large section of my trade fodder on the Saturday so I could buy more or less everything I wanted... 


Sadly I didn't get the full collection (Missing the Phonebox & Civ's set) as money didn't quite go that far as I wanted some other bits (Kev Adams female Troll!!) and they were the least game-able.

The well known faces, including Captain Square. Don't worry Private Frazer is busy elsewhere.

The basic old gits

So the idea is too use these for both Bolt Action and K'47 and I'm looking at expanding the Company to include a few Light Tanks, Artillery and some Reg Army.

Lewis Gun and a Bucket.. the simple things in life.

So these figures are sculpted by the Perry's and are very well priced at around £10-£12 a pack (£20 for the Bikes). 

The Motorised (Wheeled? ) Section
Private Frazer and the Vickers MMG's
I have to say I'm quite pleased with this so far and should be a iconic and charming force to paint and game (Doubt it'll be used too often though).

Thanks for looking and keep an eye out for Pt.3 of the Aftermath of BOYL16.

Time for tiffin!


  1. Nice work, mate - very characterful!

  2. I love those bicycles! Can't wait to see them painted up. Good luck!

  3. You probably should find a four barreled "chinese rocket cannon" too, for some variety - and some sheep to distract all the gene-spliced monsters. that I think about it, they could be failed british experiments (War-Dollies) and an other failed experiment could be the InfanTree...
    Throw in a boiler driven, ramshackle automaton prototype (which can provide support and fresh tea at the same time)and you should be ready for some KF'47 action. Oh, and I always liked those butter-knife-on-a-stick-spears (not every one can have proper weapons; the leader might get the breast plate and the halberd though).

    1. Ummm...feel free to convert me all of the above and post it too me :D Yeah that works! :D

    2. If i can do it on a budget...I have several 1/35 british helmets I thought I'd never use - I'll have to sort through my dungeon if there is more useful stuff.

    3. I think that sounds rather cool, but who has 1/35 British Helmets just laying around? Heh


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