Tuesday, 14 July 2020

French Indian War - Le Regiment de La Reine and Milice Canadienne Officers and NCO

2 days in a row with a new Blog post, boy am I just spoiling you or what.

Anyhoo painting these were both a speed painting exercise and a reward for finishing all the RSI Italians.

I didn't fancy getting bogged down in white uniforms so I used my Contrast + Umber Wash method with selective highlights, which resulted in no more than 2 hours total painting time for all 4 Officers/NCO together.

L to R: Officer, Officer, Milice Officer, Sergeant

Monday, 13 July 2020

Bolt Action Italian RSI Vs British Airborne Game Photo Dump

Howdy boys and girls, how are we all doing on this bloody hot and sweaty bumcrack morning?

So yesterday I had the chance to play an old favourite in the form of BA.

Looking though my forces I grabbed my Italian RSI force a few days before to check what I had and I noticed I still had some grey primed chaps I haven't painted Shock horror!

I though I had finished these chaps.. opps so on too the painting table went 7 various Paras including a MMG and some LMG's (Not that I need anymore but the Warlord sets give you 2 to a squad when the rules only allow 1) plus another truck from Paint and Glue Miniatures.

Nothing like a game to motivate you eh?

1000pts doesn't get you much in a Vet heavy force

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

French Indian War - Colonial Rogers Rangers

Welcome my lovely's back to my dark corner of the interwebs for some for some more FIW.

Just a smallish update as I finished off a group of Colonial Rangers and Officer from Front Rank (Love their FIW and SYW ranges and many more too come).

Monday, 29 June 2020

Wombles Rampant (Lion Rampant but we get the rules wrong) game Photo Dump

So I have managed to get in my first game of 2020 in on this past Sunday, it was odd social distancing and gaming but we managed it for the greater part if not fully.

I took a few pictures but not enough for a Battle Report so I thought I'd just do a quick photo dump for you (Un)lucky readers/minons of this little slice of the interwebs I like to call the den of vice and dice.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

French Indian War - 1st New Jersey Regiment ''Jersey Blues'' Provincial Regulars Pt.1

Just a quicky today, ohh you lucky buggers.. who doesn't like a quicky in the morning?

Anyhoo you no doubt worked out from the title that I finished another section of my FIW project.

This time it's the Jersey Blues a well known Provincial Regiment that just so happened to have a simple enough uniform that it didn't kill me like the British Reggy boys did earlier in the week.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

French Indian War - British 22nd Foot Pt.2

Progress is continuing on the FIW project with the first British Foot Regiment completed.

Whelp it;s official I hate painting redcoats, I think batch painting them in groups of 9 both hindered and helped in equal measures.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

French Indian War - British 22nd Foot Pt.1

Leading on from the post earlier in the week I've pushed on with the British side of my FIW project.

Surprisingly it gained a fair amount of views and likes on the various groups and on the Blog so it's spurned me on a tad.

So anyway what I have managed to finish is the first section/group of the 22nd Foot including a NCO.

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