Tuesday, 28 September 2021

10mm Kings of War - Pirate Ogres: Part 3 - Ships Cook, Quartermaster, Boomers & Seige Breakers


Good evening ladies (Maybe?) and gentleorcs, welcome back to the oft forgotten part of the interwebs.

So what do I have for you today?

Well if you have read the post title you already know and hopefully looking forward or at least bored enough to read on.

As you can see progress is being made but slowly as painting time is a real premium as of late or I when I do have some time I tend to find something else grabbing me (Pub, Telly, Pub, Family and sometimes the Pub).

I also in the end went with Warmaster style bases just encase at a later date I swap over to playing Warmaster again. 

The Quartermaster and Boomers are from Blackgate Miniatures which are great little figures and which most this force will come from.

The figure I'm using for my Quartermaster is the limited edition kickstarter exclusive (or I guess while stocks last as I bought one from the store) and came with a little art card which was nice add-on.

I still have 2 more units/stands of Boomers left and then I'll treat myself to another order.

Whelp thats it for now, until next time/

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