Thursday, 30 September 2021

Bolt Action Italian RSI Paracadutisti test force.


Evening toy lovers, now bit a odd one this but as you know I love a bit of Bolt Action and its my game of choice for a random Club pick up games.

Now my good friend asked me if I could make an Italian force (Mid or Late) top tier (Meaning take on all comers and have a good chance to do well no matter the opponent or mission).

Now theory crafting isn't my cup of tea but I said sure why not.

So below is the pictures of the army

Now honestly Italians just ain't great in BA due to some ready poor National Rules that makes them rather swingy and prone to running away (I'm sure there's a joke here lol).

So far it's doing what I wanted and if I really wanted too I could micro manage it a tad more and would it be a force I was happy to take to events if I ever wanted or needed too.

For an added bonus it's all somewhat based in history too, so a little added win.

So there we are, just a quick random post and few pictures to look at on the loo.

Anyway TTFN.

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