Monday 30 March 2015

Necromunda: Redemptionists Pt.2

The final 3 (For the moment) Redemptionists have been finished and added to their Brethren, bring the total Mob total to 6. 

Scourge and Purge! No Pain! No Gain!

Saturday 28 March 2015

Necromunda: Redemptionists Pt.1

So as I have pretty much given up massed wargaming (40K, WhFB and such like) and gone pretty much to skirmish gaming for my fix I've been allowing myself a few added extras in this case Resin bases, as I'm only needed a handful of figures rather then a armies worth it's affordable  (£2.50 for 10, gets cheaper the more you order as you get discounts) and makes them 100 times better in my eyes.

3 Redemptionists: Brethren. Priest & Deacon, 

Thursday 26 March 2015

BOYL15: Oldbowl Championship

‘‘Good evening sports fans and welcome to the Oldbowl Championship pre-match warm up, which this year is sponsored by Ramshackle games. You join a capacity crowd, packed with members of every race from across the known world, all howling like banshees in anticipation of tonight’s game. Oh, and yes, there are some actual banshees... ''

‘‘As you know, The Oldbowl Championship is an epic conflict between a number of teams of heavily-armoured and quite insane warriors. Players pass, throw or run with the ball, attempting to get it to the other end of the pitch by any means to make it too the final. Of course, the other teams must try and stop them. The team which wins the most games, are declared The Oldbowl Champions!"

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Blood Bowl: Real Perverts Wear Pink Pt.8

It's been a month since the last BB  painting update as I took a little break away from the pink side to paint something less ''Arhhhh my eyes!''

But I have finished painting the Coach and another mutated Chaos Warrior.

Monday 23 March 2015

Vallejo Game Colour Heavy Opaque & Washes Review

So now and again I like to give a little review on some of the various paints I've been using, you can see other paint reviews here:

Today we are going to focus on both the VGC Heavy Opaques (Much like the Citadel Foundation/Base paints) & Washes (Not the Inks)

Saturday 21 March 2015

Necromunda: Pit Slaves Pt.4

The Pit Slaves have not been forgotten  and work continues on the ever growing gang, i just can't stop adding figures from the lead pile. While it's nice to get the leadpile smaller I should be finishing other projects first heh.

Full gang so far, 3 left to finish.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Evil Space Dorfs - Deathrace 40,000 Conversions

So all is well underway for this years BOYL event at Foundry and for one of the events Captain Crooks is running Deathrace 40,000 event. 

You can view the topic HERE

Anyway I needed a vehicle and some optional crew (If you wish to disembark).

Kaptain Stabin' & Tech-Dorf Buzzed

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Wargaming Scenery: Underhive Pt.2

This Blogpost is following on from funny enough the Wargaming Scenery: Underhive Pt.1 post a few days ago.

So yes more grey buildings.. heh enjoy!

Every finished so far

Sunday 15 March 2015

Necromunda: Pit Slaves Pt.3

Necromunda is full blown go at Castle Chico with terrain and gangs being painted/prepped/glued and chopped. Looking like I'll have a full Necromunda table done within months at this rate.

Anyway while I'm waiting for a supply drop to continue the terrain prep I got a few more Pit Slaves converted and painted.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Evil Space Dorfs - Now on sale!

Yep that's right boys, girls and greenieweenies your favourite Evil Dorfs are now up for sale in the Oakbound Store.

Friday 13 March 2015

Wargaming Scenery: Underhive Pt.1

As some of you may remember last year my Wife bought me a couple of sets of the Mantic Deadzone terrain for my Birthday (Blog post)

Now while I made a start on them and tried taking a number of shortcuts and had a major mishap I just ended up putting them aside and got on with painting something else.

That was until I saw Paul's wonderful modern adaptation of the classic GW Firebase using Mantic parts (Can be view here).

With that in mind I started on mine again, which though up another question:

Do you base your terrain?

After a discussion on the Oldhammer Facebook group I went with yes, and ordered some 2mm MDF on the recommendation of Warlord Paul.

So I got cracking and finished 1 small and 1 medium sized piece:

Turned up the light, as they are quite dark and dirty in real life.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Blood Bowl: On any given Wednesday

Last night at Watford Wargaming Federation the Blood Bowl League kicked off, sadly dew to prior commitments or down right slacky a number of people failed to show but I'll let that slide because I'm awesome in that way :)

Gotta love the Pink Block dice eh?

Friday 6 March 2015

Necromunda: Pit Slaves

It's been quite awhile since I done anything Necromunda (A year or more) so it's about time I made a start on a gang I've always wanted since I first saw them in the Andy Chambers White Dwarf article way back when.

After a few (Read many) trades on the OTC I have 10 of the little buggers (9 pictured, 10th still to arrive).

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Evil Space Dorfs - Say hello to the bad guys..

Say hello to the bad guys..

No not this guy:

But it is the music in my head that plays in my mind for the little guys.. ahem..


Monday 2 March 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 10 - Judge Glass, Mutie in a Dress & 3 Kleggs

A quick change of pace from the Chaos Squats and Blood Bowl I've been painting up to knock out a few more JD mini's as the unpainted ones are building up (Over 100 unpainted Vs only 60 painted.. for shame).

Judges Glass and Quincy. Sentenced to death by the mad tyrant Cal, they were saved by the quick thinking of SJS Judge Slocombe although they would be humiliated by having to wear non-regulation clothing – Quincy in his underpants and Glass donning a child’s dress and lollipop!

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