Thursday 30 July 2015

BOYL is coming!

So Boys and Girls, BOYL (Bring Out Your Lead, a Oldhammer long weekender) starts tomorrow so it's going to be a bit quiet here at OoaB for a few days but have no fear Monday will see a barrage of BOYL posts including the games I'm running and playing in plus my goodies both bought and traded for.

So I'll see you on the other side, I have a beer or 6 for those of the readership not able to make it themselves

Ta Ta for now!

Saturday 25 July 2015

Vallejo Special Effects Set Review

So it's time for another Chico's Paint Review, you can view the others linked below:

This time we are going to focus on the Vallejo Special Effects set.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 11 - Repainting the Judges

It's been awhile since I posted up any new Judge Dredd but I have been busy cracking on with them. But rather then doing anything new I've been repainting the Judges as I was never happy with them with the straight yellow/black.

I've now been repainting and adding in extra detail.

This is all sparked by me running my annual Judge Dredd game at Bring Out Your Lead.

This year game is based on  the ''Day the Law Died'' story arc with Chief Judge Cal, SJS, The brainwashed Judges and the Mercenary Klegg facing off against Dredd & Co, The Tutors and various loyal Citizens along with anti-Cal protesters.

Thursday 16 July 2015

WEG Star Wars - Battle Report ''Rebel Hunt''

This is part 3 of the on going campaign and leads on from ''Storming the Rebel Base''

You can read the other Battle Reports here:

Today 2 fellow Watford Club mates played the rival forces and I'm GM'ed where needed.


With the Rebel Base fallen and many Rebels fleeing or dead there leaves only 1 course of action.. Hunt down and capture/slay those remaining.

Boba leads a force of Bounty Hunters and Stormtroopers while Han tries to escape with the remaining Rebels.

The Rebels gain 1 point for each Rebel that escapes and 5 points for Han Solo.
The Empire gain 1 point for each dead Rebel and 5 points for Han Solo.

The evil Roy Fett
Pat Solo

Sunday 12 July 2015

Fimir meets Kings of War

So I'm having my first complete game of KoW2 later and to see how compatible are WhFB armies are I grabbed my Fimir.

I figured Fimir are well used to doing proxy duty anyway.

So what lists to use?

Well both Ogres and Orcs seem compatible and you are allowed to use allies (With some restrictions) they will be used together if needed.

So we decided to on 600pts, small game but large enough to have a few units.

Thursday 9 July 2015

Mantic.. Mantic.. Mantic.. KoW eh?

Ok let me start be saying this isn't a ''I hate Age of Marmite, I'm leaving'' type of post as well my Warhammer is still stuck in 3rd if I game it at all atm. But rather a post about KoW and I'm quite impressed and even a few of the Mantic range is growing on me... 

Ugh don't tell anyone!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Necromunda: Pit Slaves Pt.5

Been alittle while since I added to my Pit Slaves and you can see the rest of the Gang by these links

But I still have a fair number of them to do, so last night I got cracking on 3 more members.

Friday 3 July 2015

Deathrace 40k - Evil Dorf Wagon

So it's left then a month until the 3rd annual BOYL and people are all go finishing up their toys... I'm of course all finished up... Well so I thought..


Yep I had forgot something.. I signed up to the Deathrace 40k event yet forgot to finish my wagon. So yesterday I dug it out and slapped some paint and various inks and washes on ot and called it done.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Necromunda: Battle Report ''Shoot Out'' - Redemptionists Vs Pit Slaves

Inquisitor Scythe had sent his Brethren out to forage for supplies at the Settlement of Waste Drop, little did he know the Techno Outlaws had sent they boys looking too.

It's going to get bloody..

As it's far too hot today to paint and my Wife is off work will set up for a quick game. Rolling for the Scenario we ended up with ''Shoot Out''

Ohhhh it's a random gang selection too, rolling some more the Redemptionists controlled by my Wife got 4 (Deacon , 2 Brethren & 1 Novice) and I ended up with 3 (2 Technos & a Pit Slave)

This is part 3 of the Necromunda Battle Reps between me and my Wife you can see the others here:

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