Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 11 - Repainting the Judges

It's been awhile since I posted up any new Judge Dredd but I have been busy cracking on with them. But rather then doing anything new I've been repainting the Judges as I was never happy with them with the straight yellow/black.

I've now been repainting and adding in extra detail.

This is all sparked by me running my annual Judge Dredd game at Bring Out Your Lead.

This year game is based on  the ''Day the Law Died'' story arc with Chief Judge Cal, SJS, The brainwashed Judges and the Mercenary Klegg facing off against Dredd & Co, The Tutors and various loyal Citizens along with anti-Cal protesters.

I think with the repainted yellow along with the gold metalwork makes them stand out a tad more and I'm rather happy with the outcome. Still another  12 Judges to change but as these are the ones being used at BOYL they had the priority. 

You may have noticed I repainted 2 Dredd's as that's because I can't decide which one to use. I'm leaning towards the bigger Dredd in the picture next to monster sized Minty.

Anyway thanks for looking and now I'm off to paint a few Judges on Lawmasters.


  1. Didn't realise Minty was so large a sculpt. I'll need to check mine against some of my sci-fi minis.

    I like the updated Judges scheme. they really pop more now.

    1. Aye he's a 32mm behemoth hehe and thankies

  2. Looking good Chico, and as Dai states - they really pop because of the updated paint scheme. One model especially stands out for me... Judge Blax - Great name for a future lawman that ;-)

    1. He's a Brit-Cit Judge, I heard he was a tad umm.. corrupt hehe


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