Thursday, 16 July 2015

WEG Star Wars - Battle Report ''Rebel Hunt''

This is part 3 of the on going campaign and leads on from ''Storming the Rebel Base''

You can read the other Battle Reports here:

Today 2 fellow Watford Club mates played the rival forces and I'm GM'ed where needed.


With the Rebel Base fallen and many Rebels fleeing or dead there leaves only 1 course of action.. Hunt down and capture/slay those remaining.

Boba leads a force of Bounty Hunters and Stormtroopers while Han tries to escape with the remaining Rebels.

The Rebels gain 1 point for each Rebel that escapes and 5 points for Han Solo.
The Empire gain 1 point for each dead Rebel and 5 points for Han Solo.

The evil Roy Fett
Pat Solo

The Forces:


Han Solo
3 Rebels

The Fringe/Empire:

4 Bounty Hunters
4 Stormtroopers

Long range opening shot by Boba wounds the escaping Solo.. 3 6's rolled in a row... ouchie.

The Bounty Hunters take down the Rebels 1 by 1, but can't seem to stop Solo.

As the final Rebel flees, Solo escapes yet again. Vader will not be happy.

And so ends the final part of the first Act of the ongoing campaign. The Rebels have been wiped out from ZAN IV but Solo escapes and is fleeing to safety..

 I hear Tatooine is good this time of year...

Thanks for looking!


  1. With a table like that it's a shame you didn't have an Endor style speeder bike chase!

    Sounds like a tense game - bet the low model count helped with that.

    1. Endor will be in Act 3 or 4 (With 3 games to each act) so plenty of time to have Speeders.. just need to track some down :D

    2. You might want to find alternates to the WEG speeders... they go for a mint! :(

    3. Indeed I'm using Denizen Grav Bikes, £2.50 each.. yup I'm a tight ass hehe

  2. Thanksants took the words out of my mouth. Seriously loving the lush forested board. Plus you could make the cool bike sounds whenever they move; vew Berbers hoo wow. Awesome.
    I'd like to know what you think of the rules set? I only have 20 or so figures but I would love to give it a try if it's worth the investment in hobby time, of which I have very very little.
    Thanks for posting.

    1. Well worth trying out the rules, rather simple to learn but there is some clunky rules that made need changing a tad. You can play from full armies to just a handful of figures.

  3. Am still enjoying these reports! Keep them coming.

  4. Great scenario! Looks like a blast to play. And perfectly sized for action figures to give it a try too!


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