Tuesday 14 July 2020

French Indian War - Le Regiment de La Reine and Milice Canadienne Officers and NCO

2 days in a row with a new Blog post, boy am I just spoiling you or what.

Anyhoo painting these were both a speed painting exercise and a reward for finishing all the RSI Italians.

I didn't fancy getting bogged down in white uniforms so I used my Contrast + Umber Wash method with selective highlights, which resulted in no more than 2 hours total painting time for all 4 Officers/NCO together.

L to R: Officer, Officer, Milice Officer, Sergeant

Monday 13 July 2020

Bolt Action Italian RSI Vs British Airborne Game Photo Dump

Howdy boys and girls, how are we all doing on this bloody hot and sweaty bumcrack morning?

So yesterday I had the chance to play an old favourite in the form of BA.

Looking though my forces I grabbed my Italian RSI force a few days before to check what I had and I noticed I still had some grey primed chaps I haven't painted Shock horror!

I though I had finished these chaps.. opps so on too the painting table went 7 various Paras including a MMG and some LMG's (Not that I need anymore but the Warlord sets give you 2 to a squad when the rules only allow 1) plus another truck from Paint and Glue Miniatures.

Nothing like a game to motivate you eh?

1000pts doesn't get you much in a Vet heavy force

Wednesday 8 July 2020

French Indian War - Colonial Rogers Rangers

Welcome my lovely's back to my dark corner of the interwebs for some for some more FIW.

Just a smallish update as I finished off a group of Colonial Rangers and Officer from Front Rank (Love their FIW and SYW ranges and many more too come).

Monday 29 June 2020

Wombles Rampant (Lion Rampant but we get the rules wrong) game Photo Dump

So I have managed to get in my first game of 2020 in on this past Sunday, it was odd social distancing and gaming but we managed it for the greater part if not fully.

I took a few pictures but not enough for a Battle Report so I thought I'd just do a quick photo dump for you (Un)lucky readers/minons of this little slice of the interwebs I like to call the den of vice and dice.

Saturday 20 June 2020

French Indian War - 1st New Jersey Regiment ''Jersey Blues'' Provincial Regulars Pt.1

Just a quicky today, ohh you lucky buggers.. who doesn't like a quicky in the morning?

Anyhoo you no doubt worked out from the title that I finished another section of my FIW project.

This time it's the Jersey Blues a well known Provincial Regiment that just so happened to have a simple enough uniform that it didn't kill me like the British Reggy boys did earlier in the week.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

French Indian War - British 22nd Foot Pt.2

Progress is continuing on the FIW project with the first British Foot Regiment completed.

Whelp it;s official I hate painting redcoats, I think batch painting them in groups of 9 both hindered and helped in equal measures.

Saturday 13 June 2020

French Indian War - British 22nd Foot Pt.1

Leading on from the post earlier in the week I've pushed on with the British side of my FIW project.

Surprisingly it gained a fair amount of views and likes on the various groups and on the Blog so it's spurned me on a tad.

So anyway what I have managed to finish is the first section/group of the 22nd Foot including a NCO.

Monday 8 June 2020

French Indian War - The Project Begins

This project has been brewing in my mind for a couple of months now and it was in part sparked off from watching Sharp Practice 2 and Musket and Tomahawk Battle Reps on Youtube while being in Lockdown.

A quick hunt on Ebay netted me a very cheap copy of SP2 and card pack (Case of couldn't really say no).

Thursday 28 May 2020

Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.4

Wow it's Pt.4 already and the progress continues at a steady pace.

Today sees another 6 Fireforge Knights completed taking the total up too 12 and enough for 2 units of Mounted Men-at-arms for Lion Rampant.

Saturday 23 May 2020

Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.3

So boys and girls welcome back to the Den of Vice and Dice, if you may remember from the last POST that I rescued a bunch of tincans on nellys from my abandoned project draw.

After I made that post I remembered I still had a bunch of sprues I bought on LAF of Fireforge's Teutonic Knights set I was going to mix with Templar Knights I already had.

It took me over an hour of hunting to bloody find everything but I managed to kitbash enough of the 2 sets together to make another 6 Knights, giving me 12 in total (Enough for 2 units in LR).

Too make it even better I've even painted up 6 of the buggers in the last few days thanks to Contrast paints over a grey primer and they being mostly armour or cloth.

Thursday 21 May 2020

Footsore Miniatures & Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.2

A little WIP post for you all to enjoy on your tod aka read when in the bathroom ;)

So while this project was going to be just solely Footsore Miniatures Barons' War range I've decided that after looking though my unloved and abandoned project hobby draws I'd use up what I got going spare and in this case it's a bunch of Fireforge Games plastic Mounted Knights.

Now I ain't really a big fan of plastic and tend to not bother with it at all if it can be helped (No doubt why it ended up in my abandoned draws to start with).

But these are not too bad honestly and it helped me that they were semi-put together (Just had to find a few lost heads, a odd arm and a some bases).

Monday 18 May 2020

Footsore Miniatures: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.1

Look mummy I'm still posting!

9 whole posts in and I haven't yet given up again!

What's that you say?

Yes yes you are  indeed quite welcome, did I say stop clapping?


Anyhoo I'm back with some more Baron Wars stuff and not only that I've found the ruleset I'll be running with: Lion Rampant.

Thursday 14 May 2020

Footsore Miniatures: The Barons' War

Bit of a random project for me, I've never really done much Dark Age/Middle Age gaming other than SAGA a few years back(Which if I'm honest I didn't like the dice and board mechanic).

So when I saw a few Youtubers like Boots on the Table with Dom and The Eccentric Man  paint some up and do a review it sparked a little unknown interest in myself.

So I ordered a little test order from Footsore (Expecting a long wait I might add) and was happily surprised when I got my order in less than a week.. result.

Saturday 9 May 2020

Bolt Action: Italian Paracadutisti

Just a quick photo dump post from one of the projects I've completed and never took any pictures of for the wee bloggy.

This time it's another BA force (Yes, I know It's a habit).

Anyone who wants to do a Italian Para force then good luck as the camo is a real ball ache so I'm glad they are finished (For the time being).

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.18 - Da Royal Court Completed.

Bit of a bonus Bloggy post today as I've stumbled across my old Foundry Orc Warband while having a tidy up this morning.

Sadly they haven't been used in anger in many a moon which is a real shame as I quite like the ladz. 

Thursday 30 April 2020

Bushido: Jung Pirates

When years passed without word of the Jung, they were considered lost, their return under the moon of the giant squid surprised everyone. They have reaped what they need from the traders on the seas of the Jwar Isles, forcing the Shiho, the leaders of the Prefecture at that time, to label them pirates. Their fleets are faster and their knowledge of the Isles’ waters unparalleled by all but perhaps the Carp clan, allowing them to evade the larger, less experienced junks of the Prefecture. Long years away from the courts of the Jwar Isles have left the Jung rough around the edges but they have not forgotten their ancestry.

Welcome back to the Blog of Vice and Dice and today for your reading pleasure I have another Bushido update with the view to finishing my collections and documenting them here.

This time it's the Purple People Eaters turn to get finished up, my Jung Pirates.

Saturday 25 April 2020

Bushido: Savage Wave completed... maybe.

Hey boys and girls, look another post! I haven't stopped after a week again.

Today I only had a half day at work some got some hobby in, plus as a change of pace something that's not Middle Earth related but still well in my comfort zone.

So what I done was completed my Savage Wave Warband (Well providing I don't buy anymore..)

Tuesday 21 April 2020

The Realm of Middle Earth - Pt.3: Dunlendings

Dunlendings, also known as the Wildmen of Dunland, were the people of the plains of Dunland. They were known as a fierce culture of Men, and sought vengeance on the people of Rohan who had driven them into the mountains. During the War of the Ring, the wizard Saruman used their anger to manipulate and convince them to pillage the land of Rohan

So there we are boys and girls a 3rd post in the series and a interesting project as well. the vagabonds know as Dunlendings or Wildmen pf Dunland if you prefer.

These were painted as a test for the new GW Contrast paints so not in my normal style (Which really does show). Still at least the first batch of these are off my bloody Pile of Shame.

Sunday 19 April 2020

The Realm of Middle Earth - Pt.2: Mordor Troll

Wait what is this? 2! yes 2! new posts in a single weekend?

Well honestly this wasn't what I had planned to post next but while up late last night due to bloody toothache I cracked out this fine fellow out in around 2h's (Including drying times for washes).

Saturday 18 April 2020

The Realm of Middle Earth - Pt.1: Mordor Orcs and Uruks

Hello B's and G's, it's been a wee while eh?

Well in this crazy time we all need some extra hobby (Hobbit?) content so I though feck it why not post some random stuff on the internet to some fellow strange people..

While some of you are in lockdown I'm sadly not and still having to work as a essential worker so can't promise frequent updates, I do have plenty of stuff ready to upload for this new series: The Realm of Middle Earth.

So some context for the last 6 months or so I've become obsessed with all things ME:SBG (Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game) that's been around in one form or another since 2001 when I was a Red shirt in GW Watford.

So for the first post I'd though I'd show off some of my Orcs and Uruks:

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