Tuesday, 14 July 2020

French Indian War - Le Regiment de La Reine and Milice Canadienne Officers and NCO

2 days in a row with a new Blog post, boy am I just spoiling you or what.

Anyhoo painting these were both a speed painting exercise and a reward for finishing all the RSI Italians.

I didn't fancy getting bogged down in white uniforms so I used my Contrast + Umber Wash method with selective highlights, which resulted in no more than 2 hours total painting time for all 4 Officers/NCO together.

L to R: Officer, Officer, Milice Officer, Sergeant

All figures are by Front Rank and are from their FIW and SYW ranges, have to say I really love the Front Rank mini with their chunky style and well defined details.

My favourite
Well that's your lot for the moment and no doubt my painting will slow down again, though the next post will hopefully not be that long after this one.. maybe.



  1. Nice job and indeed very speedy. 😀
    I have only 4 miniatures to pay to finish off my British force and it’s taking me forever!

  2. Loving the contrast between the redcoats and these white fellows. Good stuff!


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